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  1. GeraldBostock

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    Oct 28, 2012
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    My Wife wants to know how to download pictures from her Galaxy Ace 2 to our PC (running Linux, not that that should make any difference here). Compared to my HTC Wildfire, it seems to be a right pallaver.

    The mechanism seems to be:
    1. Tap Menu->Settings->Wireless and Network
    2. Tap USB Utilities
    3. Tap Connect storage to PC
    4. Plug in the cable
    5. Tap Connect USB storage

    That's 6 taps! And you need to remember where in the menu system to start.

    On my HTC Wildfire (also running Gingerbread) the process is like this:
    1. Plug in cable
    2. Screen comes up with options including "Mount as a disk drive" and a check-box to 'use as default setting'.

    That's 1, very clear and obvious, tap. If I tick the 'Us as default setting option' then the process is:
    1. Plug in cable.

    That's zero taps!

    Is there any way to improve this on the Samsung?

    --- Gerald.

  2. richsausage

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    Aug 17, 2012
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    Do some research into MTP (media transfer protocol). This is the mode the ace 2 automatically connects in - it allows you to read write files on the sd card/usb memory without needing to unmount it on the phone or even select anything in the on-screen menus. A quick Google search leads me to believe you can make it work in linux, it works terrifically in Windows after downloading the drivers from Samsung.

    For photos, have you had a look at photocloud on the play store? It automatically downloads pictures you've taken to services like picasa. I have it set on my phone to automatically upload only on Wi-Fi to save my data allowance. It's absolutely seamless!
  3. There was another thread about this I think but I can't find it. ANyway, for anyone who doesn't want Kies installed all the time you can download the MTP drivers from here Samsung MTP USB Driver Download | USB Driver

    I should've done it ages ago. Just plug your phone in and use it like a memory stick, no unmounting of SD card required so all your apps work fine.

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