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Access rooted NT's hidden partition?

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  1. bfollowell

    bfollowell New Member

    Is anyone aware of a file explorer type utility that will allow me to view and/or copy files from the hidden partition on my rooted NT?

    Any way to do this from my Windows PC with my NT connected by USB?


    - Byron

  2. Topken

    Topken Well-Known Member

    Any file explorer that has root access can see the extra 12gb of space on the Nook Tablet if that is what you are after justmake sure the home directory in es file explorer is set to / and not /sdcard otherwise you will only see the sdcard and not the nooks internal storage
  3. RedheadTarn

    RedheadTarn Well-Known Member

    I would recommend File Expert. It has the best interface of all the ones I tried. Plus if you get the wifi USB app, you can ftp to your nook from your PC to transfer files. I haven't plugged my USB in my PC in weeks now.

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