Access to internet. But cannot get service.Support

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  1. CosmicPoptart

    CosmicPoptart New Member

    This is my moms phone.
    It gets up to one bar. That is it.
    She cannot send messages, call, and calls are constantly being dropped.
    She can access the internet, store, everything. Except the basic phone necessity's. She has fully restored the phone before, has taken the battery out. Updated everything.

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    If the phone signal is weak, she's not going to have much luck with calls. Maybe she needs a different network - the Precedent runs on Sprint. (And if she's using wifi to access the internet, that can cause what you describe with a weak phone signal.)
  3. blooming

    blooming New Member

    We have had enough with the sprint service. we are re activating the Nokia E71 that we had before this POS service. My wife`s phone now has multiple bars signal strength and no dropped calls!!!!

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