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Access to Stock Car Dock Mode - Found AppTips

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  1. RaiderSPE

    RaiderSPE Member

    I was messing around with my moms new phone, the Moto HD MAXX, (which is pretty sweet by the way) and was looking for ways to get to the car mode. Well looking around on the internet came across an app called "Car Mode Control"


    I have not had it installed but a couple of minutes but seems to work very well. Now there is no need to get that damn $15 HTC car mode cable.

  2. That app worked well for me, too. However, I found the HTC car dock too limited, specifically because you can't seem to customize the music app. I have since started using CarHome Ultra. I like it and use it daily in my iBolt dock, but it's not free.
  3. RaiderSPE

    RaiderSPE Member

    Mine automatically changed the Music button to Tune-in which works for me, and my Sports radio addiction.

    I am hesitant to pay for apps, unless I know i will use them. I take it you are pretty satisfied with the in car calling capabilities of CarHome Ultra?
  4. The app works well for my needs. There's a 30 day free trial period so you can test drive it. (Pun intended :p)

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