Accessing an error log?

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    May 10, 2011
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    Is it possible to access an error log page or file somewhere in the vibrant? I am running into some issues with the phone (freezing, then going to the lock screen and then having to discover the network and do a media scan everytime!--which is annoying as hell). I am not neccesarily looking for help regarding the issue, because frankly i am not sure what is wrong, but hoping someone can tell me if there is an error log I can access and read somewhere. Maybe it will show why it's freezing and going to the lock screen frequently.

    I tried searching this forum for "error log" and searched a bunch of websites with those Samsung secret code numbers, but wasn't able to find anything like that.


    Oh ya, almost forgot, I am running firmware 2.2.1, t-mobile vibrant.


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