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    Jan 21, 2013
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    I am trying to help someone who has a Samsung Epic and has a TON of sent e-mails that he wants to save. He is using the default android e-mail app with a POP3 e-mail account. These sent e-mails are no longer stored on the POP3 server, they are only on his phone. The e-mails are taking up a lot of internal storage, so he wants to move the e-mails from the phone to a computer, so that he can access the e-mails in Microsoft Outlook.

    He has a lot of sent e-mails, and these are e-mails that he sent regarding his work at a church, so they are very important to him. Is it possible to pull the e-mails from the phone's internal storage, and put them on a computer where he can open or import them into Outlook or any other program so he can view the e-mails when he needs to? Or are these e-mails only viewable on Android OS.

    And if they are only viewable on Android OS, where are these files stored so that they can be transferred to another Android phone when he upgrades?

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    if there on the sd card store the cards content try moving them to the card

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