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Support Accessing Market & Apps

  1. Pratik_23

    Pratik_23 New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I have just bought Samsung Galaxy 5 and I have got my GPRS connection ON via Service Provider VODAFONE (In India). I am unable to access Android Market neither can I use the In-built Apps lke Gmail Setup and Email. I have to use it manually via Browser. In Browser I am facing Problems of unable to access Facebook Login and Gmail Login, nothing appears when I click Login /Sign in respectively. However when I use Wi-Fi, it is accessible. There is not a lot Wi-Fi services in India and hence i prefer GPRS so could you please tell me what should be done so that I can access Android Market as well as other functions in Galaxy 5.

    Thank You. !!

  2. AjCh

    AjCh New Member

    Hi Pratik,

    I just bought a samsung galaxy s2 and iam facing the similar problem. The applications wont work on GPRS/3g most of the times but work fine when connected via wifi...though the internet works fine on gprs.
    Found any solution???anyone??

  3. ravitiateme

    ravitiateme New Member

    Hi, i bought an sgs2 and am facing the same issue. any help would be most appreciated. thanks!!

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