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Accessing Network Shares

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  1. mikebeecham

    mikebeecham Well-Known Member

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to access Mac or Windows network shares on the Hero when I am connected to the network via Wi-Fi?


  2. PatBateman

    PatBateman Active Member

    That would be handy. Have you tried Linda File Manager? I don't think it does that, but it might be a feature you could suggest to them?
  3. ripkord

    ripkord Well-Known Member

    using gmote (also have to install on pc) you can access multimedia files from the handset via wifi. you can browse the entire pc not just shares.
  4. mikebeecham

    mikebeecham Well-Known Member

    hi ripkord...thanks for the suggestion. However, that just allows me to use my handset as a remote, for viewing on my TV. I want to be able to access my media files across the network, for use on my handset.

    For example, if I have a movie file on my mac, I want to be able to access it from my handset and view it on the handset...effectively streaming it from the mac to my Hero.
  5. PatBateman

    PatBateman Active Member

    Another function that I used to have on my 3-year-old N95, and that isn't currently available on the Hero :(
  6. clockwork

    clockwork Well-Known Member

    you have two options, one is using SambaExplorer, which i found on the market (free) but have been unable to connect to my mac, the other option i have had more success with, which is FTP. i set up my mac to be an FTP server which is really easy as its in the settings for "share" in system preferences, and then download andFTP which works really well for me, but there are numerous other clients on the market. additionally i did set up my computer under a DYNDNS account at DynDNS.com: Free DNS Hosting, E-mail Delivery, and VPS Hosting for free, made my mac receive all forwarded ports from the router and then i was able to access all my files while i was away for the weekend and dint feel like taking my computer with me... additionally u can do the same with transdroid which connects to many Bit torrent clients including my favorite transmission and did the same thing with DYNDNS and was able to add/remove and monitor my torrents on transmission while away... thru cellular network

    if you would like a step by step on how to do what i have just said, dont hesitate to ask...
  7. mikebeecham

    mikebeecham Well-Known Member

    Hi mate...thanks for the reply. AndFTP worked well in terms of accessing the media, however I can only seem to download the files to my sdcard rather than stream them across the network?

    Anything else you could suggest would be greatly appreciated
  8. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Just my guess.... there's a good chance we'll see goodies such as SMB support appearing once HTC release the Hero kernel and the experts start tinkering with it.
  9. clockwork

    clockwork Well-Known Member

    i have very limited understanding of how linux works, but i never thought that an SMB share needed kernel tinkering to work... can you please explain how this works? and why smb share is not just an application atop the kernel...
  10. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Then you have more than me. Like I said, I was just guessing.
  11. clockwork

    clockwork Well-Known Member

    so i tried to find a program that would stream across the network and i have found something that might even stream when you are outside of the wifi... now i spent a few hours trying to get this thing to work properly, but as usual these companies always write mac apps to keep people quiet and dont really do a good job of it...

    the app is called ORB
    MyCast your digital media with Orb 2.0 remote pc access software

    download from here a the bottom of the first post there are two links, click on the update one 3.1 its the only one that has worked slightly...

    install and create an account then have it index the files you want to be able to access over the network... after that i dont know because it finished indexing and dint go any further and now it refuses to open... try it and see what happens, optionally for you and for anyone else interested in this functionality try using a windows computer as im sure the software for that has been written with much more care and consideration.

    the orb mobile app is in the android market called "androrb - v0.3a"

    good luck and tell me how it goes, and please can someone tell me if the windows app works cos i am quite interested in getting this to work one way or another, even if it means getting files to my windows laptop...
  12. clockwork

    clockwork Well-Known Member

    i just got it to work, which im happy about
    but not at all happy about the actual app... to be honest it stinks, it has my 10'000 songs on it yes, but in random order and i cannot search for a specific one... for this to work, the app needs some serious rethinking.

    for anyone that has used this app to you agree or am i just not able to use it...?
  13. testphone

    testphone New Member

    EStrongs File Explorer is the best choice.
  14. mkhopper

    mkhopper Well-Known Member

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  15. mikebeecham

    mikebeecham Well-Known Member

    I wonder if I can get some help with this.

    I set up my network a long time ago, and can access pretty much access anything with anything in my house. However, when I add a new server (my mac) into estrongs on my HTC Hero i cannot get it to retrieve any kind of file list....i just keep getting errors.

    I can ping my Mac from the Hero, so I know it can 'see' the Mac...but for some reason I cannot get it to connect with it through the app.

    If anyone is able to offer some help with settings up estrongs, I would really appreciate it.

    Kind regards

  16. amitrus

    amitrus New Member

    Hey guys, is Estrongs still the best method of accessing a network share at home? Cheers
  17. mylinuxbox

    mylinuxbox Well-Known Member

    I use ftpserver from the market and just use ftp on my Linux pc. Dead simple to setup.
  18. c-shadow

    c-shadow New Member

    Nice app. Finally I'm able to access my samba shares :)
  19. drdrewdown

    drdrewdown Member

    estrongs is da bomb! thanks all, exploring samba shares on home network is a breeze now. this is great.
  20. Conzo427

    Conzo427 Member

    Will my phone show up under "network" on my PC? Does it stream audio/video?
  21. hkdroid

    hkdroid New Member

    Trying to use ES File Explorer (estrong) to connect to Windows XP via wifi but having problems.

    Android seems to connect to my pc, but I can't login. I'm trying my windows username and password. I also tried the username "<computer name>\<windows user>" but that failed too.

    Any suggestions?:confused:
  22. rflemin

    rflemin New Member

    Remember that you have to set up some shared folders on Windows, otherwise the browser can see the PC, but not the files. At least, that's how it works on my Windows LAN, that includes a Linux PC.
  23. tzh2231

    tzh2231 New Member

    I am really disappointed to know that ES is still the best...
    It does huge amount of caching on requesting a file, and does not seem to stop the downloading when you switch to access another file.
    This made it pretty much unusable to me as I need it to access those big video files, frequently 1GB or more.

    File expert does a much better job in caching, but has problem wit file type association, so it also does not work for my purpose.

    cifsmanager seems like a good choice but is a heck of hassle to get working, as you need a custom kernel to support cifs, and you also need root of course...

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  24. Securityman

    Securityman New Member

    registered to say thanks, great app, just what i was looking for.
    App works fine streaming on my LAN, Avi, Mp3 to my HTC HD from my ext 2TB HD.
  25. Ozzy780

    Ozzy780 Member

    Hey guys, just a quick question. I am trying to connect to my network server so that I can access My Documents and everything else on my computer. But when I try to connect it says "Log in failure". However when I try to log in to another server with the same credentials it works!
    So does anyone know why I can't log into my own shares with my own username and password?

    Thank You

    EDIT: is this the right place to post this? or should I make another thread?

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