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Accessing Service Menus on the S4Support

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  1. mikelepage

    mikelepage Member

    I'm wondering if anyone has discovered a way to access the service menu (specifically the UMTS menu) on the S4 since the 4.2.2 upgrade.

    It seems that since the roll out access to the menu has been disabled. Traditionally there was a way to get there using *#0011# and using a couple of menu commands from there, but it's now not working (invalid MMI code message).

    Thanks for any information.

  2. AbductedCasper

    AbductedCasper Active Member

    Are you talking about *#1234#, *#12580*369#, *#0228#, *#0*#
  3. mikelepage

    mikelepage Member

    Yes, that's correct. The menu I'm looking to access is traditionally done with *#27663368378# or with *#0011# and then tapping Back, Key Input and then entering 1, then Back again. But in these instances, the first code returns an invalid MMI code message, and the second method simply won't go back to the Service Menu I'm trying to get to.

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