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Accessories... Reusing some older stuff and it's working great!

  1. Talderon

    Talderon Well-Known Member

    So, I noticed the other night that my Nexus One had the same connectors as one of my older phones... The MicroUSB connector...

    Now, coming from the G1 and MyTouch, I have a TON of things that connect to the MiniUSB, so am disappointed that they will no longer work for my Nexus One.

    THEN! I remembered I had an old Motorola Windows Mobile Q9h a while back and still had a couple USB Cables and Car Charger.

    Well, after some looking around, USB chargers and cables are pretty standard. It didn't seem that either Motorola or HTC changed anything with the MicroUSB so I decided to give it a shot...

    USB cable from my Motorola works great! Charges and also lets me transfer data.

    The car adapter works as well. No issues at all.

    So, if you have some old stuff lying around, might save you a few bucks to make sure it fits and works. :)


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