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  1. jgriner

    jgriner Well-Known Member

    Recommend some accessories/ones that are not worth the money.

    Found a deal?


    HTC EVO 3D - OtterBox Defender Series Case

    found them for 13.95 + 4.99 shipping

    this style comes with the holster. so far i love it. completely protects phone/camera. and you cant beat the price. Only downside is if you have to pull the battery, it can be a pain to take apart.

    Amazon.com: HTC EVO 3D - OtterBox Defender Series Case - Non-Retail Packaging: Cell Phones & Accessories

  2. RichardSeq

    RichardSeq Well-Known Member

    An Extra battery
    Travel charger
    USB cradle
    Ballistic Case
  3. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Kidigi dock, allows charging a spare battery and also passes video to the mhl cable, Seidio Active Combo Case that fits the dock without removing and the silicone has recesses so that the plastic skeleton doesn't add any additional bulk, Stealth Shieldz screen protector, very inexpensive with no orange peel or rubbery feel, external battery charger and a mhl cable. Cost me about $50 total off of ebay and I'm extremely pleased with the whole kit. I personally prefer having a couple of spare standard batteries because of the lack of bulk and also the redundancy compared to an extended battery but of course that's personal preference. The case that I have even though it's 2 piece is easily removed as a single piece for easy battery pulls.
  4. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    Must haves:
    OEM HTC car dock
    OEM HTC dock
    Generic Ebay screen protector
    Anker battery

    Generic arm style car mount (they shake)
    Most generic batteries.
    Overpriced screen protectors
  5. jgriner

    jgriner Well-Known Member

  6. kri5pi3

    kri5pi3 Member

  7. djdrma

    djdrma Well-Known Member

  8. imabitfighty

    imabitfighty Well-Known Member

    i got a white TPU case for 1.99 its VERY nice, fits great, makes the phone look cool as well.

    i got a new HTC china battery for 2.99, it works fine, havent had ANY overheating or charging or any other issues with it. no complaints.

    I got a pack of 3 screen protectors for 99 cents. they shipped me a set from another model phone.... BUT i cut it short on one side by 1mm and it fits and youd never know. the quality of the protector is awesome, doesnt distort the screen, good viewing angles. if it gets scratched, the hell with it at least i saved the actual glass and I'll throw another protector on, thats what they are made for.
  9. josh007cl

    josh007cl Member

    I thought about a car dock, travel charger, and an extended battery. I noticed my stock battery seems to drain fast with even with little use.

    Whats the point of spending ~30 on a cradle/dock when you can just plug the phone in. It seems like it saves a few seconds but that's really it.
  10. MT Rotor

    MT Rotor Guest

    I highly recommend a triden kraken case..I got mine from amazon for $28 shipped..
  11. Jaxmoto

    Jaxmoto Well-Known Member

    I will just say to be careful with the cheapo OEM docks on places like Ebay. I thought I was getting a deal because it worked fine for charging. I finally got a HDMI adapter and quickly found out something is shorted inside the dock and it causes the HDMI signal to cut in/out over and over, it works fine without the dock.

    Better to pay a little more for a new OEM dock or use that Kidigi thing that seems to be reported to work well.

    Oh, and just use the inexpensive screen protectors off Ebay, the static ones you peel off 2 layers. They work great and if you take your time they are 100% invisible with no bubbles. Do yourself a favor and buy a 10 pack for like $5 so you have plenty around to swap when you scratch it up.

    The Bluetooth is really robust on the V, so if you find a bluetooth keyboard/mouse it will probably work. The mini keyboard/touchpad ones they sell on Ebay/Amazon also work, but only have about a 15 foot range.
  12. Jaxmoto

    Jaxmoto Well-Known Member

    The OEM style doc has a slightly different USB plug, you don't have to line it up and push down, you can just kind of drop it down and it settles in.

    I have mine hooked to my PC and my USB ports set to stay on all the time (even when the PC is off). If the screen is on when I put it on the dock it triggers USB storage mode and opens the folders on the PC. If the screen is off then it just goes to normal charge mode.

    Plus it sits in a nice position if you want to watch a movie or something, or use it as an alarm clock.
  13. Kahroo

    Kahroo Well-Known Member

    Anyone know any good Bluetooth keyboard/mouse? Maybe a fold able one.

    Also looking for a dock with speaker w/remote that will work with Google Music.
  14. EHokie

    EHokie Well-Known Member

    Acase on New Egg. Like 7 bucks and better than any Otterbox.
  15. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    $12 on Ebay, and they make a great bedside alarm clock and weather station.

    It's not just the spare seconds, but the ease of connection, no fiddling with a cord every time. You just drop it in and it slides into place.
  16. josh007cl

    josh007cl Member

    What seems to be the best battery to replace the stock one? I see there's the Innocell 4000/3000 extended batteries. I also read in another topic about Anker batteries. My stock battery seems to be draining quickly just from occasional web browsing (see my thread for details). Anyone have any advice?
  17. gary93

    gary93 Well-Known Member

  18. josh007cl

    josh007cl Member

    I might skip the battery for now since mine seems to be working now but I getting the Innotraveler Car Kit from Seidio. Anyone have this same car mount?
  19. josh007cl

    josh007cl Member

    Just received the Seidio Innotraveler Car Kit. Fits nicely and everything appears to work. When I connected it to the cradle dock it put it in car mode. Actually it didn't change anything except the icon at the top left for car mode. Is there a car mode setting somewhere on the phone or is there an app for this? I looked back at a previous thread that mentioned the Car Home Ultra app, however this is not free. Any recommendations?
  20. Jaxmoto

    Jaxmoto Well-Known Member

    Cowboom.com has an extended battery w/ cover for sale for like $8 shipped. I had ordered a few other things from them so I picked one up last week. Should be in tomorrow so I'll put up a review of it soon. I typically kill about 50-75% of my battery during the day so I should be able to see a difference if there is one.
  21. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    I usually prefer to use a spare battery both for the size and also the redundancy in case one craps out on me. However I bought a generic 3500 mah extended off ebay from a US seller for $8 delivered. If you go this route make sure that you get one with the straight cover as opposed to one with the hump on the bottom. It makes it more comfortable in the hand and also unlike the others you can actually get a tpu case to fit the phone with the larger battery. If I'm having a normal day I'll just carry a spare in case I can't get to a plug, but if I'm going hiking or know that I will be using the phone a lot for gps or music then I use the extended battery. Right tool for whatever job is at hand. I like options and considering how cheap it was, like $15 for the battery, cover and case you can't go wrong.
  22. Jaxmoto

    Jaxmoto Well-Known Member

    So the battery arrived.... it is in no way a daily use extended battery. It is a full double-sized battery and with the custom cover it is ridiculously huge and heavy.

    It is certainly worth keeping around if I know I'll be going out all day away from chargers, but other than that it is staying on my desk and not on my phone.
  23. MT Rotor

    MT Rotor Guest

    Post a photo of that shiznit
  24. Jaxmoto

    Jaxmoto Well-Known Member

    Basically it does not fit around the camera bulge very well and the power button will have to be filed down a bit to make it fit right. The cover is also not a great fit around the edges either. I really don't even want to bother testing the battery life... I'll just assume as a 3400mah battery that I'll get around twice the life (because I don't want to carry around that heavy, huge beast with it on there).

    And as requested....



  25. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Unfortunately the battery cover is tapered like the seidio so no tpu case will fit.

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