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  1. mills23

    mills23 Well-Known Member

    Will any of the S4 accessories work with the S5? Like the dock or case?

  2. Carpe Nocturnal

    Carpe Nocturnal Well-Known Member

    I know that the cases will definitely not fit, the S5 has a different design than the S4. As for the dock I am not sure, I would guess no as well as there is a different port on the bottom of the S5 than the 4 as well..

  3. photondev

    photondev Well-Known Member

    I bought a couple of $3.99 cases while I decide for a nice one, I got these
    Amazon.com: Zeimax
  4. coriantumr

    coriantumr New Member

    I tried docking mine with my desk dock. It was difficult to get it to fit/sit right. It charges the battery, but the audio out didn't seem to work. I want to a micro USB to USB/3.5mm Audio cable I found on eBay to see if it works to bypass the Dock... so far, I don't see any US vendors, gonna have to get it from Hong Kong!

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