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accessory (headphones) cant be supportedSupport

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  1. alec95huskell

    alec95huskell Member

    Hey my name is alec and there is something wrong with my Sony xperia play. I got it last September and it has been working great until about a few weeks ago, I got these headphones that worked on my phone really well for a few weeks, until I let my friend borrow them for a little bit. When I got them back my phone says "accessory cannot be supported". I thought something was wrong with the headphones so I got a newer pair but the same thing happened. Now it happens with every pair of headphones, earphones and even portable speakers. The music just plays out of the phone.

    Does anyone knows how to fix this or why this is happening?

  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Does this headset have a microphone attached?
  3. alec95huskell

    alec95huskell Member

    No, why does that make a difference?
  4. alec95huskell

    alec95huskell Member

    woah i havent checked back to this in ages, anyway apparently the headphone socket was broken or something and it cost me $110 to fix :(

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