Accessory Recommendations for Charging On the Road

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pdragon, Oct 23, 2009.

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    Figured I'd share what I figured out to make charging and data transfer easier for myself while I'm on the road or just going back and forth to the office.

    What I got for myself was another wall adapter like the Hero comes with, another USB data cable and a car charger that accepts the USB cable (links below to exactly what I got). This lets me charge on the go in the car and I keep the wall adapter in the glove compartment. I can detach the cable from the car charger and use it with either the wall charger adapter or just plug it into any USB port where there's a computer. Lets me both charge & transfer data if needed as long as my car is nearby where I can grab the cable/adapter from! :)

    And you don't need the exact kind of USB data/charge cable that the Hero comes with. You'll notice the plug doesn't look like any standard USB Mini plug. BUT the USB Mini-A type plug fits and works just fine in the Hero. That's what the data cable that I purchased below is.

    Universal Serial Bus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    HTC Data Cable for HTC Hero, Magic / Sprint Hero / T-Mobile myTouch 3G, G1, myTouch 3G Fender - Android Central Store
    Smartphone Experts USB Wall Adapter for S&C Cables - Android Central Store
    Smartphone Experts USB Car Adapter for S&C Cables - Android Central Store

    Only $29 plus shipping for all that. Cheaper than even most of the stand-alone car chargers I've seen for sale in the Sprint store or at Best Buy. And much more versatile!

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