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Accidentally deleted Preinstalled apps

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  1. Alexminatl

    Alexminatl Active Member

    I got my LG Lucid a few days ago and one of the first things I noticed were the unnecessary apps that came preinstalled. I looked up how to remove those unnecessary apps and everything went fine and dandy. I had backed them up to my SD card so I could restore them. My problems arose when my SD card was having issues with reading and writing. I have been trying to find a way to fix it for the past couple days and the first thing I tried was a hard reset. That just made things worse, as now every time I reboot it resets it again and I lose all my personal data. I figure putting those apps that I removed back would make it stop resetting every time I reboot, but I have no idea where I could get them.

    The files I pulled out of the root/system/apps/ are


    I believe those are all of them, although I was only able to comprise this list by comparing my existing .odex files to the .apk files I had and finding those .odex files that didn't have a .apk to go with it.

    Today is only my fifth day having the phone, and it is my first android phone, so if any of my assumptions are incorrect please let me know.

  2. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Welcome to the forums!!!

    I assume the phone is rooted since you removed system apps?

    If so, you can just go to the all things root section, download a ROM, and either a) flash it or b) open it up and navigate to system/app where you will find the apk's for the apps that you uninstalled
  3. Alexminatl

    Alexminatl Active Member

    Yes the phone is rooted, I am having trouble finding a ROM in the All Things Root section though. I'm sorry I'm I am just being dense and not seeing them but this is all still a bit new to me. I think I found one, the broken out lucid beta 1 but it doesn't have all the apps that come stock that I had deleted and I am unsure how to flash it without installing CWM. I have tried installing CWM but it fails everytime I try it with an error of permission denied, and yes I am the admin on my computer.
  4. Alexminatl

    Alexminatl Active Member

    My problem has been resolved, I was able to restore my phone with the LG Support Tool by going into Customer Support>Recovery Phone and entering in the IMEI with my phone disconnected, then connecting the phone in download mode when it asks to check the phone's connection. After that everything went smoothly and my phone is back as it was out of box
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  5. meggaplex

    meggaplex Member

    We really need to compile a list of apps that you can't uninstall for the Lucid.. I uninstalled some but I went about it rather willy-nilly and didn't take note of which ones I uninstalled. I did find this list of apps that come pre-installed, but I'm not sure if this is complete or not.

    Pre-Installed Apps (apps in bold are ones I've uninstalled, and my phone is working fine):

    • Amazon Kindle
    • Apps
    • Backup Assistant
    • Let's Golf 3
    • Mobile Hotspot
    • My Verizon Mobile
    • Plants vs Zombies
    • V Cast Tones
    • VZ Navigator
    • Netflix
    • Share Genie
    • YouTube
    • News
    • Google Search
    • Finance
    • Richnote
    • Places
    • Polaris Office

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