accidentally wiped /system on my lg optimus l3 e400 :'(

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  1. miserego

    miserego New Member

    nothing similar seems to have happened to anyone on the specific phone.. i had miui custom rom and CWM RECOVERY installed on my phone but it was so buggy that i wanted to go back to cm9 (which i had before installing miui).. to avoid any bricks i decided to wipe data,cache,dalvic cache and i accidentally also wiped /system... when i realized what i did i rebooted my phone without installing another rom and it just showed up the lg logo which shows when it starts. it wont boot anyway :crying:. i cant boot into cwm (volume down and power) which i could do before the wipe. my phone was rooted. before going to cm9 i had installed custom rom firmwares through kdz updater. now when i plug my phone IT RECOGNISES my phone both on emergency mode and with the lg logo on the screen but when i install the kdz it stucks for a while and says phone was not found something like that. i downloaded odin but dont know how to use it. i also have a 2 gb external sd. i would really appreciate it if you could guys help me. if my phone is dead forever my parents will kill me though im having some hopes. sorry for being so talky i wanted to explain everything... ty

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi miserego, and welcome to AF,

    If you tell us exactly which phone model you have we can move this to the best forum to get expert help.

    It won't boot because system is where the ROM is stored, so you have no ROM on the phone.

    You talk about Odin but also say you have an LG, - I believe Odin is for Samsung only, so don't think that will help.

    If you already have the CM9 ROM zip file on your sd card, can't you just boot into CWM and install it from there? If you haven't, you can mount the sd card over usb from CWM (there's a mounts and storage menu) and copy the ROM zip over from a computer , then toggle usb storage off and install the zip. On my phone that's what I'd do in this situation, but I've never used a LG so don't know whether there are any subtleties with your model.

    Edit: sorry, read again and see that you can't get into CWM. This needs someone who knows your phone model.
  3. miserego

    miserego New Member

    hello hadron! thanks a lot for ur answer though as u saw reading it again i cant access cwm.. but im like "how did cwm delete?" thats strange.. my phone model as the title say is: lg optimus l3 (e400) i didnt find a specific forum for my phone... i dont know if there is a better forum though.. sorry if i posted on wrong section im a bit nervous bout the phone thing.. thanks again for the answer..
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    You never need to apologise for posting a question anywhere, especially when you have a problem.

    We have an L3 forum here. Hang on and I'll move the thread. Hopefully someone there will have an answer.

    Usually stuff like this is fixable though.
  5. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    Are you sure CWM is gone? Try volume down & the home button to get into recovery. Of course you know to push he power for a couple seconds.

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