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  1. spikemike92

    spikemike92 New Member

    I accidently deleted all my contacts the other day going thru my applications deleting all my data to try to free up space and I deleted all my contacts. I've tried everything and I'm about to give up and just add them one by one by asking people for there numbers but that is my last resort I really hope there is a solution. I've even tried going to my Gmail account going to my contacts and restoring them still nothing...Plz help getting frustrated if there is a solution plz reply, it would be of much help thank you!

  2. miediev

    miediev Well-Known Member

    Try going to your contacts, press the menu button and select display. From there make sure that its set to show all the contacts from your account/phone/wherever. Also if you have titanium backup it takes backups of your contacts too, just look thru the list of programs and it should be there.
  3. Prepaidguy9081

    Prepaidguy9081 Well-Known Member

    not if u have it set to backup only user apps.
    i wish u luck op

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