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  1. Toxification

    Toxification Member


    Yeah so I accidently removed my clock and weather widget from my mainscreen and my Googletoolbar to. I can download others but I'm looking to have the default one back. Any suggestions?

    Also, before my wildfire was fine but now everytime I go from an app, including internet, to home, it sais HTC and loads for a good amount of time. I'd appreciate an answer to this if you can.


  2. Toxification

    Toxification Member

    Oh, and I didnt uninstall, I simply removed it from the screen
  3. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    On the launcher (home) screen where you want the widget > tap and hold > select widget from the menu > select the widget you want.

    As to the apparent reboot issue? I'm moving this to the wildfire forum where you may be able to find more assistance. Good luck!
  4. Toxification

    Toxification Member

    Ok. Thanks
    And holding only opens the personalize option. I don't need the app, I need the actual time stand, like when you get the wildfire its immediatly a default stand.
  5. Toxification

    Toxification Member

    I figured how to to get the clock back (in the personalize menu select widgets, then 'browse all widgets'). Now just for it loading everytime I go home.
  6. cruzer234

    cruzer234 Member

    Or you can just ( on the home screen ) press menu > scenes > HTC > done > press back button

    If a popup comes saying do you want to save the current scene click "no"

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