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  1. wiley85

    wiley85 Member

    My Ascend m860 reboots to the Cricket screen every time I try to open "Accounts and Sync" in the settings menu. It's not rooted and I haven't installed any questionable apps as far as I can tell. I did just perform a factory reset to rid my phone of all the junk since it's more than a year old now, but I put it all back together properly without any issue. Has anyone ever heard of this problem or of any way to resolve it? Thanks!

  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Since your phone is over a year old & have no more warranty protection to consider,I would suggest rooting it & installing a CM7 ROM.

    All the information that you need to do this is in the ASCEND:ALL THINGS ROOT section here.
    Read all the information carefully before proceeding,however,this phone is virtually brick-proof,so,as long as you have computer access,you should be able to restore your phone to any state that you wish,should that be factory stock,or w/ the CLOCKWORKMOD RECOVERY & a CM6/CM7 ROM.

    It's actually a fairly simple process.especially if you're already computer/tech savvy(which I'm not).

    This is the avenue I'd take,unless someone chimes in w/a fix for your ACCOUNT SYNC-REBOOT issues.

    With that said,if you still want to remain on the stock factory O/S,try out the SEARCH feature located at the top of this page.

  3. wiley85

    wiley85 Member

    The only thing keeping me from rooting my phone at this point is the fact that I still have the handset protection plan through Cricket. Do you know if this goes away when I root? Support lady at the store told me yes, but she also didn't know what rooting is so...
  4. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Yes,rooting your phone technically voids any warranty.

    However,if you return the phone to stock(everything,O/S & Stock Android recovery),the people @ the store will have no way of knowing that the phone was ever rooted.

    Anyway,if you still have warranty protection,just take it back before you do anything to it.
    Chances are they will not have an ASCEND to replace your handset & you may be able to get a better phone,such as the ASCEND II,or possibly a more realistic offer,the ZTE SCORE.

    The ZTE SCORE is almost identical(spec wise & pricing) to the ASCEND,the only thing you'd be losing is the huge community support for rooting & romming,which I believe is almost non-existent for this phone.

    But,it does come w/ANDROID 2.3 GINGERBREAD right out of the box,so,you may not feel compelled to mod your phone w/this already on board.
  5. wiley85

    wiley85 Member

    I was not aware that one could simply "go back to normal" after rooting a phone. I will definitely check out that thread and see if it's worth the effort, at the moment this isn't really causing a problem, more of an irritation. Was kinda hoping it would be some stupid easy fix. Thanks for your responses, I will keep checking in case anyone else knows of another way to solve this mystery.

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