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  1. ramyhin

    ramyhin Member

    Loving my new HTC Inspire

    In "Accounts & Sync", Facebook has 2 profiles set up: Facebook and Facebook for HTC Sense.

    What is the difference? Should I remove one or the other?

    At first, I was linking all of my FB friends and FB for HTC Sense Friends to each other. But I can't imagine this is normal. Or is it?

  2. naviwilliams

    naviwilliams Well-Known Member

    You will see TWO if you have Facebook setup using HTC Sync Facebook, and then if you also have the Facebook app configured with your account.

    Most annoying really. Then, to top it off, one will have the option showing you can click the sync button, and the other will be greyed out. But, that depends on which 'Facebook' you have configured...

    I typically just have the Facebook app configure, and NOT HTC Sync Facebook. Same thing for Twitter...

    Clear as mud? :)
  3. gtalum

    gtalum Well-Known Member

    I turned off syncing for the Facebook for HTC. Everything works fine without it.

  4. Well if.your using friendstream you need that
  5. gtalum

    gtalum Well-Known Member

  6. ramyhin

    ramyhin Member

  7. naviwilliams

    naviwilliams Well-Known Member

    ...curious, does using the FriendStream allow Facebook notifications to work?

  8. Yes it does if Facebook is downloaded
  9. PSXBatou

    PSXBatou Well-Known Member

    Which notifications? The android version only notifies on Messages, Events, and Friend Requests. Which to me is quite dumb coming from an iPhone where the FB app would notify you of everything from a wall post to a like.

    My FB sync logo is greyed out, not sure why. I just use the app and not friendstream since I really would rather have a app and not an open widget. I only get notifications on what i said above, kinda sucks but hopefully FB will push an update soon.
  10. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Well-Known Member

    I downloaded flow for Facebook and Facebook. It allows me to get all notifications that way. It's kind of a pain but hopefully Facebook will have an update soon.
  11. naviwilliams

    naviwilliams Well-Known Member

    ...just to confirm, are you saying FLOW for Facebook on an Android device, does in fact PUSH\notify all notifications?

  12. PSXBatou

    PSXBatou Well-Known Member

    I noticed that the price for this is in Pounds, if I bought it does the US converted price charge to my credit card, or the UKP price and my card converts it? If its the latter, ill have to see how much Amex charges for international exchange fees.
  13. naviwilliams

    naviwilliams Well-Known Member

    It converts it for you. But, you can't use an Amex card...

  14. PSXBatou

    PSXBatou Well-Known Member

    I've used my Amex for 4 app purchases on the Android Market so far, why can't I use it for this app? Google checkout is what it used, and they accepted and charged my Amex card.

    Do different apps on the marketplace have different terms?
  15. naviwilliams

    naviwilliams Well-Known Member

    ...not sure, but it wouldn't allow my American Express card. I had to use my other card.


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