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Accu Weather widget time wrong BST on samsung galaxy note 2

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  1. amyamy

    amyamy New Member

    I got my phone a few weeks ago and love it.

    However I have the AccuWeather.com widget on my home screen. In Britain our clocks came forward last night. My phone did change itself and showed the white sun beside the clock (daylight saving) however tonight it has gone back to GMT.

    I've read various threads regarding this and tried everything they suggested however it just doesn't work for me! Any advise would be welcome!

  2. Froggus

    Froggus New Member

    Hi Amy,
    Set your phone to GMT+1 (BST) in settings/date and time/Select time zone. Then set the time. you may have to back an hour. See if the weather widget is correct. Should be the same time as the corrected time on your phone
  3. Damianp

    Damianp New Member

    Thanks Froggus - your a genius!!

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