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  1. twraia

    twraia Member

    Hi guys,
    I've been using my galaxy note to do some casual sketching

    I realised that the accuracy of the s-pen is not as impressive as I'd expected

    For some reasons, instead of corresponding to the exact spot where the s-pen contacted the touch-screen, the writing always show up slightly above it.
    This might not be a big problem for writing, but as far as sketching, it ruins the experience for me

    I am wondering if any of you have encountered similar problems, or perhaps my galaxy is faulty to begin with?


  2. ChodTheWacko

    ChodTheWacko Member

    the stylus is sensitive to a few things : angle you hold the stylus relative to the screen (it tends to favor 20-45 degrees) and the left/right hand option in settings.

    It uses the gyros to determine some of it so don't put the note on a table and then rotate the note. it will get confused.

    - Frank
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  3. twraia

    twraia Member

    Thanks Frank,

    I tried different angles with the stylus, and found that I have relatively little problem aligning vertical lines with the contact point of the stylus, yet it remains horizontally challenged.
    I still cannot align horizontal lines with the point of contact between the stylus and the screen
    It will always be 1-2mm higher than the actual contact point

    But I take it that this is considered normal?
  4. prasanna2984

    prasanna2984 New Member

    frank ur right
    i was also having de same problem as twraia but after i saw ur msg i tried it and now my s pen performs well and the fact that my pen didnt work properly because of the angle......... i tried changing the angle and my s pen works fine...i would ve gone to a service center if i wouldnt ve read ur msg.....thank u very much frank and u saved my money:):):)

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