Accuweather app not updating on mobile data?

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  1. mrbs3

    mrbs3 New Member

    Hello, this has been driving me crazy!

    When I first got my Galaxy S3 the Accuweather app was working fine. It would update my location when using my mobile data connection only.

    Now it has stopped refreshing and only updates when I switch GPS on?

    Is there something I can do to get it working off mobile data again?

    I turn off GPS/Wifi when not using them to conserve battery!

  2. mariscalcus

    mariscalcus Member

    I have the identical problem. It is fine on the lock screen, if rather basic, but not on the home screen. The weather is inaccurate too and I have to manually reset my location - it won't update. On my old HTC Hero it worked perfectly and even had excellent, fun graphics eg windscreen wipers when it was raining.
    Noone seems to know how to fix it on the S3 - is there an alternative widget that works?
  3. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Beautiful Widgets works great for weather IMO. However, checking on my friend's SIII, it appears she uses the same accuweather app as on my Tab, and it works fine on my end.

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