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Accuweather Location UpdateGeneral

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  1. yabadaba

    yabadaba Member

    Hi Guys, I'm pretty new to the S2 so here's a quick question for you..

    Is the Accuweather widget on the home screen supposed to update location automatically? Mine doesn't and I have to get it to manually search for the current location whenever I move around. The weather app on my HTC Desire home screen used to auto update location.

  2. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    If you click on the widget them press menu there should be an option to choose if it auto updates and how often it does.
  3. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    open the widget /settings, tick Enable current location. should do the trick :)
  4. yabadaba

    yabadaba Member

    "Enable Current Location" and "Autorefresh" are already switched on and it does keep updating in terms of time of day, but not location...it just stays on the location that I last forced it to search for.
  5. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    hmm.. enable current location should be the one to make sure it knows ur location. i havent been able to try it out coz ive been stuck in this city since i got it, so i cant say if it works.. but i cant think of anything else.. apps like weatherbug etc hav a similar option too.. although this widget is one of the better lookin ones ive seen
  6. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    Have you got gps turned on
  7. yabadaba

    yabadaba Member

    No, "Use GPS satellites" is switched off, but "Use wireless networks" is on so I thought it would use that. When I force it to update, via "Add city" and then click on the location search button it finds where I am correctly, so I thought that it would use that functionality to auto update.

    NB: Didn't have to use GPS for my HTC Desire to auto update location on its weather app....probably not as accurate, but it did find roughly where I was.
  8. Danw1920

    Danw1920 Member

    I found the same problem, it sticks with whatever the first city that it found and doesn't change no matter how many times you refresh, remove widget and re-add. Other weather apps are able to find your location without needing gps turned on so that isn't the problem. I've stopped using it and have gone back to the weatherbug.

  9. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    just to double check, u can manually change, right? for example, u have a couple of cities u visit regularly, u have those added.. is it easy to swap between them, manually?
  10. yabadaba

    yabadaba Member

    Yes, I can search for location when I move somewhere new and then add that city, then if I go back there I can swap manually to it. Just that none of this happens automatically.
  11. Danw1920

    Danw1920 Member

    For me I had only got 'my location' and no cities, yes I can manually change it though that is defeating the purpose of the automatic 'find my location' function. On a second look It appears to have added the current location of where I was at the time as a location instead of it refreshing the current location at each update interval. I found my location again manually and it adds it as another location, switching between the two. As I was travelling on that day the previous location is no longer needed so I had to manually delete it...

    It is a nice looking app but without this function it's not that useful unless you are always in the same location. The weatherbug has an actual my location feature as well as the ability to add other cities of your choice and switch between them easily though I don't use the widget. I like to see the temperature in the notification bar (so I can see it even in the lock screen) and I just pull it down and tap on it for more info. I have not tried using the 'my location' widget using it so the same issues may occur.

    If someone can shed more light on this I may give it another try.

  12. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    yes i agree its a bit pointless having the feature if it doesnt work. especially if ur the traveling type. im pretty much stuck in one place for most of the time, so i dont notice it.. and i really think this widget looks better than many others, apart from only beautiful widgets, i guess.. so i probably wouldnt switch, not for this feature :D
  13. Kerrmuir

    Kerrmuir New Member

    First time you visit a new location you have to add it as a current location as normal and leave it stored in the location list.

    You will have to do this for every new place you visit if you want that place to show in the weather widget.

    Then it will autoupdate to a stored location each time you visit that place.
    Its a bit of a pain but it does work that way.
  14. Markat1610

    Markat1610 New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm in the same boat as the original poster, but i've tried all the solutions including the one in the last post and it doesn't work.

    I'm in Perth (Aust) but my widget keeps showing Sydney. I've turned on GPS, have location services (WIFI) on and have looked at all the options available within the menu of the widget but none allow me to set my home or current location.

    SHort of deleting all the other cities i'm stuck for a solution to getting the home screen to display Perth not Sydney. Given i'm rarely away from my home city this is annoying.

  15. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    I have it on auto scrolling so it scrolls between cities which I put in the list. If you off the auto scroll, then switch to the city that you want, then go back to the home screen via the back button, I think it would show the city that you chose last.

  16. smurph1

    smurph1 Well-Known Member

    My dad has this issue on a new up-to-date Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, and read all of the above. We have "Enable Current Location" and "Auto-refresh" switched on, and location services all off. It DOES NOT work, it cycles quite quickly through a his 3 selected locations, which is not what he wants and driving him mad, and now me, what is going on??!?!
    What is the scroll function that previous poster Russell Ng is talking about, I don't see that setting, but sounds like that is what is happening.
    I am an Android user having had 3 HTCs, none were this useless.

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