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  1. countryman

    countryman Active Member

    Now waiting for my fifth.

    First one failed due to brightness setting randomly going to zero brightness. Made restoring the brightness setting using the touch screen a bit of a challenge.

    Second one - replacement DOA

    Third one - failed wi-fi

    Fourth one - replacement DOA

    Perhaps I should have gone to Apple

  2. dorian56

    dorian56 New Member

    It is hard to imagine a greater misfortune. I'm sorry and I hope that the fifth will be the lucky one. :)
  3. securespark

    securespark Member

    Think you have been very unlucky. Our family's Samsung smartphones have been very reliable.

    Now what have I said!
  4. Smokey Mc Pot

    Smokey Mc Pot Well-Known Member

    Ace 2 does not like you.
    This is the first time I read about someone with so much bad luck.
    As a matter of fact the GT-I8160 is a reliable mobile phone .
    Now the question is ?
    Are you buying your phone's from the back door of the Samsung factory???
    Is there a sticker on the door saying "Defective test devices" ???

    Beware Apple devices are full of samsung parts doh!!!
    Hope they are not defective.
  5. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    you have been very unlucky Countryman!!
    never heard of so many problems & both my wife & myself have this great handset!! (so does my sister) :confused:
  6. triger

    triger Well-Known Member

    Maybe its a grey units
    Hir n the philipines theres a bunch of we caled it grey units n0 waranty n0 ntc sticker and samusung stikers

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