Ace 2 - unreliableGeneral

  1. countryman

    countryman Active Member

    Now waiting for my fifth.

    First one failed due to brightness setting randomly going to zero brightness. Made restoring the brightness setting using the touch screen a bit of a challenge.

    Second one - replacement DOA

    Third one - failed wi-fi

    Fourth one - replacement DOA

    Perhaps I should have gone to Apple

  2. dorian56

    dorian56 New Member

    It is hard to imagine a greater misfortune. I'm sorry and I hope that the fifth will be the lucky one. :)
  3. securespark

    securespark Member

    Think you have been very unlucky. Our family's Samsung smartphones have been very reliable.

    Now what have I said!
  4. Smokey Mc Pot

    Smokey Mc Pot Well-Known Member

    Ace 2 does not like you.
    This is the first time I read about someone with so much bad luck.
    As a matter of fact the GT-I8160 is a reliable mobile phone .
    Now the question is ?
    Are you buying your phone's from the back door of the Samsung factory???
    Is there a sticker on the door saying "Defective test devices" ???

    Beware Apple devices are full of samsung parts doh!!!
    Hope they are not defective.
  5. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    you have been very unlucky Countryman!!
    never heard of so many problems & both my wife & myself have this great handset!! (so does my sister) :confused:
  6. triger

    triger Well-Known Member

    Maybe its a grey units
    Hir n the philipines theres a bunch of we caled it grey units n0 waranty n0 ntc sticker and samusung stikers

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