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  1. hanut1

    hanut1 Active Member

    Ace bricked vcant get pst the boot screen what to do?

  2. hanut1

    hanut1 Active Member

    It cant get past the boot screen were gts5830 is writen..what to do ?
  3. aktifit

    aktifit Well-Known Member


    i never read forum rules but they tend to be the same everywhere and it's just common sense:

    before opening a thread, use the search function to check whether sb else has already opened the thread! i mean we all here try to help but it's just so annoying to answer the same questions 10'000 without being rude.

    if you can't find an answer to your question, open a thread. and not just like
    "i can't find my fingers, HELPZ!!!??"
    "see those 5 weird sticks at the end of your arm??"
    "ah ok THANX DOODE!!!"
    (what i'm trying to say is at least ask google first and check the first 5 hits or so)

    ask yourself these questions and include the answers in your thread if possible:
    what's my problem?
    when does it occur?
    do i use special/modified software? (e.g. rooted phone, custom rom etc.)
    what did i do so far to solve it myself?

    ok enough ranting. (most likely against forum rules anyways, but i just had to... :p)
    how did you brick your phone?
    can you get into recovery mode? if yes have you tried to do a factory reset?
    can you get into downloading mode? if yes, you can reflash your phone with odin.

    edit: weird random fact: google doesn't know the answer to the question "where are my fingers?", how disappointing is that?
  4. hanut1

    hanut1 Active Member

    hmm... it can go into download mode
  5. aktifit

    aktifit Well-Known Member

    so it should be possible to reflash with odin at least and that's what i'd do but see my signature. if you decide to reflash make sure to read the unbrick guide

    edit: ahh where is my signature?? damn it :p well check my other post
  6. hanut1

    hanut1 Active Member

    I flashed my phone its fixed :) it got briked co of cynogen dsp manager so sdont indtall that . ..
  7. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    LMAO , i know its annoying eh?
  8. hanut1

    hanut1 Active Member

    Ya seriously :p

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