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  1. scribley9

    scribley9 Active Member

    My Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 is currently running 2.3.5 which I believe is still the most recent 'official' OS.

    I am at the point where I either invest in a new phone with newer OS or have a go at updating to Jellybean 4.2.2

    I read LOADS of stuff on various forums including a 165 page thread on XDA which goes into immense detail but served to confuse me more because its an evolving thread with no real conclusion or answer to my main questions.

    I watched a few YouTube demos and have a pretty good idea of the process and want to give it a try since I have nothing much to lose as the phone is not fun to use due to recent App Updates causing full memory and bad performance.

    I already rooted, deleted caches, moved stuff to SD etc but it's still not enough.

    Which is the most reliable tested and foolproof ROM ?
    What is the download location for it ?
    Any negatives I need to know like reduced battery life or elements of the hardware that are unsupported ?

    I just need a reliable phone for work (not worried about games) that responds quickly and isn't laggy and annoying to use.

    Any pointers towards further resources much appreciated

    Thanks in advance

  2. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    If you have read a lot of threads at xda then you should know how to increase your internal memory. Its the biggest disadvantage of this device.
    Since you are already rooted, go for one of the sd-ext methods and get rid of your memory problem.

    If you want to upgrade to JB then you should be prepared to have your battery life reduced substantially. 4.0+ system is very heavy on battery and ram, its really a wonder that people have gotten it to work on a legacy device such as this.
    There are several available options on xda, a simple CM10.1 by various different people, AOKP, AOSP, ParanoidAndroid, PAC, and even some modded versions of CM10.1, take your pick.
    Since these are resource hungry system, your performance will be reduced, but if you utilize the system properly you should not face any lags. Keep the number of background apps to a minimum, use apps of smaller size in substitute of available system apps in order to reduce ram usage and provide a lagfree environment.
    I'd suggest you to stick with 4.1.2 instead if 4.2.2, its better in terms of performance, but 4.2.2 does have some new and shiny features.
    I used a bareboned AOKP 4.1.2 in the past, it had a good performance, i upgraded to PAC rom based on 4.2.2 for the PA hybrid engine and the 4.2.2 upgrades, the features are quite impressive but the performance is inadequate.
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  3. scribley9

    scribley9 Active Member

    Thanks again for the honest feedback - looks like 'new phone time' to me as even by investing time and effort it seems I am not going to get very much more life out of what is now a legacy device. Shame as it was a great phone in its day ! Guess I had better start saving for a Nexus 4 ;)
  4. ianmarcos

    ianmarcos New Member

    I successfully upgraded my Ace GT-S5830 to Jellybean but my camera,bluetooth and some applications won't work how can i get it back to Gingerbread 2.3.5 ??
  5. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Which rom did you flash?
    I have been using JB for several months now, everything works for me.

    If you want to get to stock GB rom then use Odin to flash the stock firmware.
    If you want to return to a stock based custom rom then there are 2 option depending on the rom's format.
    1. If the rom is in ext format then you can simply flash the rom through recovery.
    2. If the rom is in stock rfs format then you will have to flash stock via Odin, root it, flash custom recovery and then flash the rom.

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