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Ace vs DefyGeneral

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  1. BinaryFinary

    BinaryFinary New Member

    Hey, I'm considering on buying a smartphone and i got two nominees Motorola Defy and Samsung Galaxy Ace. What do you think, mby suggest any other phone?

  2. lj0000

    lj0000 New Member

    i know there are numerous reviews out there, but here is my take.

    i have both phones in front of me now.

    ace - chic, high end sophisticated
    defy - manly, engineer's phone, construction worker's phone

    ace - feels low resolution with big pixels
    defy - smoother, and looks better under sunlight (got ambient light sensor)

    ace - 2.2.1 upgradeable to 2.3
    defy - 2.1 upgradeable to 2.2

    processor (though is same 800mhz)
    ace - very slow. even angry bird lite struggles.
    defy - even at 2.1, everything flies beautifully.

    ace - painfully 158mb on phone
    defy - 2gb on phone
    (i know you can slot in a sd card. but not all apps can move to sd)

    ace 278mb - have to put atk on all the time
    defy 512mb

    ace - wonderfully popping and clear
    defy - not so good. soft edges, agressive compression

    initially i wanted an ace, but after playing with it, it gives me the impression of a good phone only on the outside. and hardware level limitations cannot be solved easily.
    then i found defy. i am a supporter of TI's processors and it overclocks wonderfully to 1.2ghz. initially I am worried about defy's 2.1 os but it turns out liveable. hoping the 2.2 upgrade can bring some joy.

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