acer a1 on 2.1 in uk

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  1. davvo08

    davvo08 New Member

    2.1 update is now available on the acer uk website installs version
    1.100.13.EMEA.CUS1, done it about 2hrs ago working great

  2. sionyboy

    sionyboy Member

    How is the battery life on the official 2.1 ROM (or any 2.1 ROM for that matter, is it still as bad as was reported when the phone first came out, or have their been improvements since then?)
  3. Samt2992

    Samt2992 Member

    Anyway to save your app information when installing it cos i dotn want all my game/setting data removed...
    Could you post a link or something too, tanks.
  4. davvo08

    davvo08 New Member

    You go to then along the top of screen click on Service &support,next screen
    left hand side of screen click driver download, then it opens a small box, (produt family)click on smart handhelds next box opens (product line)click liquid click on, next box opens (product model)click again on liquid under os the rom is available to download. After download follow instuctions don't conect phone to pc till told as for saving things I don't know but after i was able to reinstall all apps paid &free quite easily but I don't have any games high scores etc so no idea how to save those cheers
  5. Samt2992

    Samt2992 Member

    Okie then, cheers.
    In glad they save what apps you had and everything, but i don't wanna lose my settings..:/
    Maybe there's an option to do so soewhere. Ill Google :)
  6. h4141

    h4141 New Member

    thank for sharing
  7. p_r0phet

    p_r0phet New Member

    Can someone help me, I'm at the website and everything, but it doesn't seem to load when I click on it. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. haha_sillysa

    haha_sillysa New Member

    just an fyi it's available on the US website for acer now too.
  9. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Go to Settings-->About Phone-->Device Information and read what it says in Product SKU.

    Go to this site- Acer Liquid 2.1 Official ROMs and download the upgrade package for your device. Follow the instructions in the PDF and voila.
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  10. bopmatic

    bopmatic Member

    Hi all, just wondering if I update to 2.1, will I still get all the original features like multilingual support etc etc.?

  11. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    On a Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) ROM, I have the following languages (I do have a custom ROM on top but I do not think that they added any extra languages):

  12. bopmatic

    bopmatic Member

    Thanks for the info., in this case, I might have to wait a bit longer for the Asia update as I do need Chinese language support.

  13. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Oh sorry, misunderstanding. Thought you were looking for the European version (title of thread misled me). All ROMs, AAP (Asia/Asia Pacific) and EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa) have been released.

    AAP ROMs have English plus 2 Asian languages. I don't know which ones they are but assuming they are the same locales included in Donut.

    Read the sticky on top of this board to find out how to upgrade to
  14. bopmatic

    bopmatic Member

    Oh, that's great..thanks again!
  15. haha_sillysa

    haha_sillysa New Member

    yes. english, traditional, short form.

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