Acer a100 displaying "android"Support

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  1. mg1966

    mg1966 New Member

    I can't get pass the screen to the menu. The reset button doesnt do anything.
    I can't seem to get the reset sequence with the volume and power button. Am I missing something

  2. Greatdi1

    Greatdi1 New Member

    only displays acer...and highlights home key when screen is pressed. When power button and down arrow is pressed it comes up with the android on his side open with an arrow. Can someone please HELP? Thanks tons!
  3. MatthewDaharsh

    MatthewDaharsh New Member

    from what i've heard, which isn't much, you might be able to put a recovery/update/downgraded version on a sd card zipped & labeled '' -must be in /sdcard/ directory. put the card in the slot before powering on. then do the power & volume to get it to install . hope that helps. if you find that you are missing some files let me know. i have a A100. good luck!

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