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Acer a100 or Fire?General

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  1. j510

    j510 Well-Known Member

    Ok so im stuck between the acer a100 for $250 or the kindle fire for $200.

    I tried the Acer today at best buy and i liked how it was real smooth. It felt like my sgs2, butter. the tegra processor is real nice but i would like input from people who have actually messed with the tablets for a while.

    all the features i need would be accessible on the fire but i do like the honeycomb full android exp rather than the locked down gingerbread. im not really into rooting and flashing roms so lets not put that into consideration.

    all the extra features like front facing camera on the acer is nice but i have my phone with me all the time anyway.

    i know the fire is a good device but how is it holding up for you guys? what do you guys recommend? & hows the battery life on normal to heavy use? having only a $50 price difference i want to get something that is money well spent.

    sidenote:acer has bad battery life and no gorilla glass (preferred)

    also;;;I heard there was also a kindle fire 2 coming out Q1 2012? is this true?

  2. Vanquished

    Vanquished Well-Known Member

    There are already 6 different Kindles out right now, the Kindle Fire being the first with color, so I wouldn't be surprised if another comes out at the beginning of next year.

    I don't have a Kindle yet, but looks like I'll be getting one for Christmas.

    Having read around here though, I've seen that rooting is basically just a click of the button, alot easier than any other device, and it's been available since day one. Just becuase you root it doesn't mean you have to flash a ROM either. You could just get super user access, use the normal interface it has and just install any normal app.
  3. j510

    j510 Well-Known Member

    yea i know about rooting and not needing to flash roms. personally i find it isnt as fun to "hack" an android device as it is with previous gadgets ive messed with. for android devices i like to stick to stock.
  4. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    If you mainly want an ebook and to browse the web and stream most content, the Fire is fine. Otherwise, the Acer is the better option:

    More storage and more storage options

    Full market with no need to root



    More ram

    There is no comparison, even with the $50 difference.

    I prefer the Flyer, but that is $300.

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