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Acer a100 tablet touch screen not workingSupport

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  1. vinwin06

    vinwin06 New Member


    I got acer a100 tablet and its started working perfectly for two days. third day i try to switch on tablet now the touch screen is not working. then i put on charge suddenly its started working then i did factory reset , then for full one day i didnot use the tablet now again its not working do i need to put on charge before using the tablet or what do i need to do for solve this issue.

    Please help on this ......

  2. Mrhelper

    Mrhelper Well-Known Member

    First, perform the factory data reset again if possible, and use it for a few days without installing any apps. Ensure that you deselect Google backups immediately after the reset to prevent apps from reinstalling. If you cannot reset the tablet, or the problem returns when no apps have been installed, then the problem is likely caused by defective hardware.

    In that case, I suggest that you return the defective unit to the place of purchase for replacement, or if it is too late for that, contact Acer for warranty service.
  3. vinwin06

    vinwin06 New Member

    Hi thanks for the reply. I did the factory reset and started working and installed some applications for 15 mins its works perfectly, again its not working . now i have installed the apps and work for few mins after long hour of switched off.

    So what do i need to do to work fully all the time.

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