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  1. ZM0D

    ZM0D Member

    Im here to release a rooting program for the A110 i have successfully rooted and unlocked the one ive bought two days ago so i decided to make a program for all you guys to do the same as there is not much development support on the system. I am also working on porting cwm to the device if anyone knows how to do it i would be happy to provide you with the recovery.img in which i extracted from the SOS partition on the device so here it is download the program and try it out i am happy to read and respond to comments and question. Enjoy!!! :santaclaus:

    Download Link: Iconia (A110) Root

  2. palmtree5

    palmtree5 Sunny Vacation Supporter! Moderator

    Hi, I'm moving this to the All Things Root section. Thanks!
  3. ZM0D

    ZM0D Member

  4. BryanAM7

    BryanAM7 New Member

    It works for 4.1.2?
    And waht root metod it use? thx :)
  5. BryanAM7

    BryanAM7 New Member

    I tested it on my Iconia A110 with 4.1.2 and doesn't work :(
  6. ZM0D

    ZM0D Member

    ill have to take a look try setting usb to camera mode
  7. jtsanda

    jtsanda New Member

    I have 4.1.2. It looks like I unlocked the bootloader, but when I go to root it, it says failed to copy su to "..." read only file system.
  8. BryanAM7

    BryanAM7 New Member

    Yep that its my problem too :(


    Tryed in camera mode but nothing.
  9. Clarke88

    Clarke88 New Member

    Can you please give us the step by step instructions for using this program? I tried it out and didn't work. The drivers was installed successfully. When i connect my acer iconia 110 and open the program everything loads ok. Three options are displayed, I selected "root" and my acer prompts me to restore. When I do this nothing happens, everything remains the same.My device is currently running version 4.1.2. Btw what version were you running when you rooted your acer iconia 110?
  10. JLindy

    JLindy Member

    No joy with 4.1.2... Maddeningly close close however. It gets to the point of rebooting, and telling me I'm rooted, but alas no soap... Not rooted.
  11. JLindy

    JLindy Member

    What file permissions does the su file need 0755? If you had a copy of the su file, and the superuser.apk you could push them with the ADB, then chmod the su file and install the .apk... Hmm, I'll have to give this some thought.
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  12. fitmodel25

    fitmodel25 New Member

    Why is my norton antivirus program keep telling me and flagging the program sayn its infected with a harmful Trojan inside this program of urs that i just downloaded from here!?? anybody know anything about this here??
  13. JLindy

    JLindy Member

    I bet if you think about it for a minute you'll figure out why a tool meant for gaining root access to a device might be detected as malware.
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  14. mlk43611

    mlk43611 Member

    I just bought the Acer A110, too, and just wanted to say I appreciate your attempts to developing a rooting program. Good luck!!!
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  15. heXi

    heXi New Member

    Hey everyone, new to this forum. I really hope this device can get root, with 4.1.2. 8Gig of memory sure filled up fast, lol, would love to use the external sd for extra app room!

    I made the unfortunate mistake, of doing the 4.1.2 update out of the box...
  16. heXi

    heXi New Member

    Update: Some better support in this thread:

    For anyone with the A110 who's interested. Feel free to show your support. There are a few owners with some talent, who are working on this.

    It's over at XDA. Regardless of the forum, something needs to be done with this excellent tab.
  17. heXi

    heXi New Member

    Update! Root tutorial + custom Clockworkmod Recovery (insecure)

    We have created a tutorial for manually rooting the A110 running 4.1.1. We have had a 100% success rate via this method. There are also instructions on how to partition your external SD card and prep it for compatibility with the link2sd app, which has proven successful.

    Tutorial here:

    The reason the toolkit no longer works with version 4.1.2, is due to "something" (either the kernel or, possibly, the bootloader) renaming the device blocks at boot, from mmcblk* to loop* -- causing issues while attempting to mount the /system partition. We have determined that the 4.1.2 update patched the kernel, which may be the cause of this anomoly.

    We're working hard on 4.1.2, and currently Skellums is working on a custom recovery of CWM, compiled from source, that's insecure with fstab and initramfs. Stay tuned!
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