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  1. harrystruman

    harrystruman New Member

    Hi guys.

    Seems my suspicion was right: I have to be the only person in the planet who has an E400. All the reviews I found over the net, prior to my purchase, were made from acer stands, never from someone's home.

    Okay, so it seems this phone doesn't have multitouch (Tested with "cartoonwarz" and a little multitouch test app), even though I found some extended specs at the time that said it had.

    So Im asking myself, is it hardware, software, is the screen capable, lacks a driver, an update rom or some trick? Updates by now are out of the question, there's none, and it's too soon to talk customs, since Im the only one here.

    Anyone can help?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: If someone wants to ask anything about this phone, feel free to ask. I know how it feels to "not find" anything about the product you're gonna buy.

  2. taqrodrigues

    taqrodrigues New Member

    I believe it will never have multitouch since the screen is resistive and not capacitive.

    Can I ask you something? Is the screen responsive? and does android 2.1 run smoothly?
    Have you tried some 3D games like raging thunder or ExZeus? They run on the htc legend with the same processor but the e400 has less RAM.

    One last question. while browsing, can you double tap to zoom or do you have to use the corresponding screen button.

    ...the other last question. How is the battery holding up for you?

    Overall, I think that speck-wise this phone offers a good price/quality ratio.
    Hope you' re happy with it. I just wish I could find a trusted review.

  3. harrystruman

    harrystruman New Member

    Hi there.

    Well, there goes nothing. Pity about the screen, but by now Im satisfied with the phone. I know I cannot play any first person shooters on it, but even without multitouch, I have better games I would have on a windows mobile phone.

    I have an ipod touch 2G and an Ipaq 214 (Winmo 6.0). Regarding the screen on the E400, It's between those two: Its not as responsive as the ipod, of course, but it's not as hard to press as the Ipaq (We're talking last Ipaq generation).

    Android runs OK, the casual microfreeze on some tasks, but again, better than windows mobile on my ipaq.

    I've tried Raging Thunder 2, Winds of steel and toonwarz. All of them run smooth, Ragin thunder is amazing (even comparing it to the ipod version). Shame I cannot really play toonwarz (FPS), but still, it ran smooth. ExZeus should be fine too, Ill download the demo as soon as I finish this.

    Yes, you can double-tap while browsing. The zoomed section isn't as precise as it would be on the ipod, but it gets the work done. Also, you are presented with the + and - buttons on screen.

    The Battery is amazing: First day with full charge (8 charge hours by instructions) allowed me to install and uninstall apps using wifi, several phone calls, several videos, camera use with pictures and videos, GPS (Real, not A-GPS). It did the whole day and still left 5% when I plugged to charge again.

    I have to say I always set the brightness to my personal preference, in every device I have. Disable auto-brightness and set my level nearer the low setting, but enough to see clear.It really makes a difference.

    And yes, as I said, Im quite happy with it. The media player is not from another world, and the rest of media players don't handle much more: Im talking about video specs, not formats. I usually work at 720x400 level in mp4/h264 and this phone handles it more or less fine (Casual stutters). So I can keep encoding movies with the same specs for the 3 devices.

    See U around.
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  4. taqrodrigues

    taqrodrigues New Member

    Thanks a lot for that.
  5. thx

    thx New Member

    Hi everybody!A question: is it possible to use navigator without wifi or internet, only with gps? (offline mode).
    Best regards!
  6. wouter780

    wouter780 New Member

    i have a E400 to
    but I can not get on it , because my brother tried to many pattern of security now the phone asks me to log into my google account but this is not true. the password does not match that of the real google account on the PC
    , do you know how I can get my mobile to factory settings ?

    help me please

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