Acer E310 - frozen problem need help :(

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  1. KamoFooty5

    KamoFooty5 New Member

    I have an Acer E310 2days old, i got a notification saying update firmware so i did and all worked. Then later i got another one saying update firmware so it, left it to go get food then checked on it and phone was off. Now when i turn the phone on i get the ACER logo and the ACER ANDROID screen but then i get touch panel firmware update complete screen and it stays on that and wont changed. Please help.

    Any suggestions will mean alot! need it resolved as its and expensive phone for a uni student and cant afford to fix it! =(

  2. timijoye

    timijoye New Member

    Try to remove the battery and repalce it again after some secs. make sure u are connected to the internet via mobile internet when upgrading. plug it to power b4 upgrading.
  3. What version of upgrade was it ?
    Tell me i may find manual update for you ;)

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