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  1. dragon2knight

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    In keeping with my introduction to you fine folks, I'm posting a video review I've just finished of a recertified A1-810. This is a great deal at the recertified price(offered by Acer, not some third party). It cost around half the price it did when sold as new, nice. Anyway, check out the review and if you have any questions at all, ask away, I'm always open to help out if I can :)
    As an aside, I did mention another forum in the video(for a root solution that didn't work out well), I hope that's ok.

    Here's the text from the video, complete with places to buy it at:

    This is my review of the Recertified Acer Iconia A1-810 Tablet. It sports some really fine specs for a tab costing only $114.00 on Acer's ebay site. It has a Mediatek MT8125 Quad Core processor with an equally nice PowerVR 544MP gpu, plenty of juice to play any game and play back any app with ease.

    It has a really nice 7.85" IPS screen with a 1024x768 resolution, more than good enough for sharp, easy on the eyes viewing. Viewing angles are great with no bad angles to be found. Color saturation is above average, a nice touch in this price range. This was formally a $200.00 tablet, so getting it for about half that price is a really good thing here. It has a 90 day Acer warranty for some peace of mind.

    Gaming is a painless experience, with all modern games playing back with no noticeable dropped frames or choppiness. All power apps, from office suites to drawing and even Photoshop work without a hitch as well. The 4:3 form factor makes working on documents a breeze to boot, not to mention the ease of browsing the web. It also runs a smooth version of Android Jellybean(4.2.2).

    Summing up, for a paltry $114.00 you get a recertified/refurbished tablet that sports a quad core processor, 16GB of memory, 1GB of ram and a really nice 7.85" IPS screen. Add an sd card slot into the mix, plus bluetooth and a real GPS unit built in and you've got an almost unbeatable tablet from a name brand manufacturer for an extremely low price...a truly great deal here!

    Acer ebay:
    Amazon: Acer Iconia A1-810-L416 - 16 GB 7.9-Inch Tablet (Pure White) - Manufacturer Refurbished: Computers & Accessories
    Newegg: - Refurbished: Acer ICONIA A1-810-L403 Tablet, 8.0", 1.20GHz, 1GB Memory, 16GB, Touchscreen

    And here's the video review:
    Acer Iconia A1-810 Recertified Tablet Review - YouTube

  2. dragon2knight

    dragon2knight Well-Known Member

    It has come to my attention that the links in my post above wont be available until I've posted some more, sorry for the mix up, they will become available soon enough :)

    All is ok now, the video is watchable, sorry for the mix up, enjoy! :)

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