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Acer liquid a1 Internet configuration

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  1. Razvan

    Razvan New Member

    Can you help me with configurations for this mobile in order to acces internet. I use Mobile Internet from Vodafone RO. Thank you.

  2. Lancewood

    Lancewood Active Member

    For surfin from the device itself or as a tether to your notebook? My settings are all pushed/auto configured from my isp.
  3. Razvan

    Razvan New Member

    For surfing from the device itself. The internet is working now, but i can't play any video from youtube. And where i can find some themes for android 2.1 Donut?
  4. johnsonkelly

    johnsonkelly Member

    For surfing with your device it quite easy but you can not watch video form youtube as well as con't download such as video
  5. chiich

    chiich New Member

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to set this up as i cant work it out with the instructions from the vodafone website?


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