Acer Liquid A1 ROM in SGP

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  1. flirtvirus

    flirtvirus Active Member

    Just check with update notification on the phone. No latest update available for mine. Just bought it in Singapore it show.

    My Rom : OS_Acer_liquid_2.000.25_AAP_SGP

    NOt sure is this the latest 1.6 version. Wondering any chance to up for Ver2.1 ??

  2. nagabiru

    nagabiru Member

    My acer liquid has the same ROM like you .
    Just check in acer webswite, but there is no update for that ROM
  3. joid

    joid New Member

    there is a rom in acer website but don knw if it is the new one
  4. nagabiru

    nagabiru Member

    what is the url ?
  5. flirtvirus

    flirtvirus Active Member

    Hi all Acer A1 Liquid...I jus updated with official 2.1 for Singapore.
    ROM _CAR1.

    Now working fine with richer colours and smoother. Marvellous with live wallpaper.

    Anyone know where to download free live wallpaper. ?
  6. flirtvirus

    flirtvirus Active Member

    Hi Bro,

    Have u updated to 2.1 ?
    Just go to acer singapore look for handheld....
    All the way to liquid A than select OS2.1.
    You should see Rom ...._CAR1.
  7. flirtvirus

    flirtvirus Active Member

    for Singapore acer website...the Rom with _CAR1 is the one.
    New for Singapore update from oS1.6.

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