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acer liquid e black screen problemSupport

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  1. breez

    breez New Member

    Hi Acer experts,

    I had 2.1 then I updated to 2.2, everything seemed to be ok except that I had some problems with the mic. After that I tried to root it :). downgrade it to 2.1 then the mic was working. I went one extra step to reinstall 2.2 again to check if the mic is ok this time, but I couldn't boot my phone at all :((( Acer logo shows up for 3 seconds then black screen for-ever. Also I can't get into the recovery mode. Any hints !!!

  2. LittleBitGeeky

    LittleBitGeeky New Member

    okay my acer liquid was working fine, now my screen is black like i dimmered the lights to 0%. what do i do!!
  3. vagswag

    vagswag New Member

    guys are kinda useless on here

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