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  1. Zee77

    Zee77 Member

    Hi All,
    I am new to this Forum and apologizing if this issue has been already brougth up. If so could someone please direct me to the Thread.

    I am not sure if All Acer Liquid E users agree that the internal storage of 150 mega bite stinks. So what happens if this storage is exhausted?
    I just upgrated my Acer to 2.2 Froyo (Fido) but not all Apps are transferable to SD. Is there a way to transfer apps, games to SD? I just downloaded a few apps and I am down to 90 mega bite. :mad::mad:

    Thank you for all the feed back to help me.:)

  2. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Yeah this is an unfortunate thing about Android is that not all apps can be transferred to SD. The only way I know how to fix this is through root. Rooting does void your warranty (but there is a way to unroot assuming you don't brick the majority, which rarely happens, don't think I have heard of any cases of bricking the device with a FroYo firmware already installed).

    I am using the Eclair Apps2SD method (the method I had with Eclair rooted). I have found this to be faster than FroYo's app2sd method. This creates a large partition (mine is 512MB) on your SD Card for apps/davlik cache. I have over 100 apps (including some big ones) and haven't even used up half the space.

    To do this, the phone must be rooted and a custom ROM which supports this method of apps2sd must be installed (I am using Liquid Community ROM- LCR Community Rom - News ). If you are interested in rooting your phone, you can check out this section of the forums (it concerns rooting the Liquid A1 but A1/E, pretty much the same things work)-
  3. Zee77

    Zee77 Member

    Thank you so much for the guidance, HustlinDaily!
    As you already know I just updated my acer with the official froyo for Fido. If I decide to root my acer will I lose the functionality of Froyo? Does LCR Community ROM provide better/same functionality as Froyo? I have seen some YouTube video with totally different screen setup than what we are used to with Eclair and Froyo UI. Are these custom ROMs?

    I will wait for your response. Meanwhile I will start reading on Rooting. Thank you, again.

  4. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    LCR-F=LCR-FroYo. It is based on stock Acer FroYo firmware (plus some optimized scripts, a slightly different theme which includes battery % on battery in notification bar, and alot of Acer's bloatware being removed)

    (I think) it includes the Acer User Interface (or Breeze UI) which I am guessing is the one you saw in videos but can easily be turned off for standard Android UI (Applications-->Development-->User Interface). I am using the regular Android UI as I prefer it.
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  5. Zee77

    Zee77 Member

    Thanks a lot HustlinDaily,
    I will try to root my phone and I hope that all goes well...
    I will let you know if I was successful of not. Lets hope I am successful. So, after all the rooting when I am downloading any new apps it will automatically be stored on the SD card or do I need to transfer them manually?
  6. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    If you have apps2sd set up, they will automatically be installed on the SD card.
  7. Zee77

    Zee77 Member

    Hi HustlinDaily,
    I have downloaded AcerLiquidDrivers and when I unzipped it there are 2 files: x64 and x86. I was able to install x86 but I was not able to install x64. I get a warning that this installation is not supported by this processor type. Will need to have both of this driver installed? I am scared to go ahead with only one of those drivers installed. Please, advise. thanks.
  8. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    No don't think it is possible to install both. x86 works on 32-bit processots and x64 works on 64-bit processors. You are fine.
  9. Zee77

    Zee77 Member

    Great! Thank you so much HustlinDaily. :)
  10. Zee77

    Zee77 Member

    I did exactly how the acer-liquid-malez-recovery at google code has written. I think everything went fine. I press any key after everything was done and my phone booted as usual. Then I did the button combo recovery and I got the triangle with explanation mark in it and the android man. So i took the battery out and booted in normal mode. then i loaded the LCR-F ROM at the root of the sd card. Did the 3 button combo and again i got the explanation mark. What did I do wrong??? :(
    I am so disappointed it didn't work. Please help.
  11. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    That little caution sign with the Android robot is the stock recovery.

    Try installing malez-recovery again. Try using the one-click installer.
  12. Zee77

    Zee77 Member

    I am sorry but what is one-click installer???

    I just tried the way and again the caution sign with the green robot. :(:(
  13. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

  14. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

  15. Zee77

    Zee77 Member

    Awesome! Thanks a lot HustlinDaily. Will keep u updated on the progress. :)
  16. Zee77

    Zee77 Member

    Yaaahooooo... I did :):)... A very big thanks to you HustlinDaily for ur guidance and help. I put the LCR-F ROM and everything looks great. Unfortunately i gotta run and no time to play to explore. How would I now direct my Apps/Games to my SD card?

    Cheers, :):):)
  17. Zee77

    Zee77 Member

    I am not sure if you heard of this but I am not able to turn off the vibration on the keyboard. In the keyboard setting "Vibrate on Keypress" is not checked off. I am not sure if there is another setting to turn this off?

  18. awvisual

    awvisual New Member

    If you use titanium backup, you can include apps to the rom which clears alot of space. I have about 200 apps installed, and still have 45 mb of free space
  19. Stan_Ice

    Stan_Ice Member

    I'm down to 20MB of space and I moved everything that I could with the official Froyo "Move to SD" option.

    What is taking up all this space? There aren't that many apps left NOT on SD.

    I have a feeling there are some things I can safely delete from internal storage, am I correct?
  20. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Hey Stan, I think the best way is to clear Dalvik. I am assuming that you are not rooted so this might be difficult but worth a shot.

    Turn off the phone.
    Remove & Replace Battery
    Hold down Volume Down+Camera+Power. Phone will vibrate 2-4 times.
    Release, then hold down Power+Camera
    Phone will boot into recovery. You will see a little Android robot with an exclamation point in the middle.

    Press volume up then some recovery options will appear (not 100% sure since I use a custom recovery but have heard that this should work)
    Search for a "Clear Dalvik Cache" option or "Clear Cache Partition" option and select it (I think you use Volume Up/Down buttons to navigate and menu button to select).

    Once you do that, reboot the phone and then check how much space you have.

    Hope that works.
  21. Stan_Ice

    Stan_Ice Member

    For now I just went through all my apps and deleted data for those I don't really care much. Twitter alone had 23MB, I just had to supply it with credentials again and I'm back in business.

    About 50MB free storage should keep me going for a while.

    Question re Davlic - what will I lose if I clear its cache and where can I read a bit more about it.
  22. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

  23. Stan_Ice

    Stan_Ice Member

    Tried "Wipe cache partition", the only difference is that after reboot in recovery mode it was Home button that called up a menu, volume up and down scrolled through the list and camera button served as "enter".

    This is on unrooted Froyo.

    Anyway, I gained only about 8MB, nothing compared to cleaning up old apps, their cache and data.

    Is there anyway to access internal memory from a computer via USB? I just want to see what it is comprised of, two apps I have on the phone are inadequate for checking out access permissions and folder sizes. Maybe there's a better app suited for that.
  24. sheamurai

    sheamurai Member

    Came across this thread and wondering about rooting my phone as well.
    Can you be a bit more specific about what is considered bloatware? I would like the added functionality of rooting, but am paranoid of bricking it (I have been using my phone for a week). Also, some of the apps that came installed stock on the phone I would like to keep.
    What exactly is removed when you root your phone? While you are "installing" the root, do you have options that pop up to select settings and such, or do you need to be a bit of a programming guru?
  25. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Bloatware is all the random crap which Acer puts on the phone (Docs2Go, RoadSync, Spinlets, YouFooze, SocialJogger, Acer Registration, Acer Sync, Acer bla bla bla).

    You can keep whatever you want and remove whatever you want (using Titanium Backup).

    As far as extra settings and stuff, that usually comes through apps especially for root or through custom ROMs, don't really need to be a programming guru to operate it. Here is a nice thread explaining what root is-

    Also good resources to read would be the MoDaCo forum- Acer Liquid - - Android @ MoDaCo

    Furthermore, if you do choose to root, best guide to use would be this one- The ULTIMATE Liquid thread - Android @ MoDaCo

    Sorry for the late response. Hope that helps.
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