Acer Liquid E launch!!! Where is our update >.<

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  1. ferlinco

    ferlinco New Member

    Service & Support

    is android 2.1 coming soon to Acer Liquid? not sure whether can download the firmware and flash on to Acer Liquid...

  2. Samt2992

    Samt2992 Member

    It is possible to download the 2.1. I have it. Works fine. Froyo im not so sure, but apperently the official froyo update is towards end of eyar, so im guessing 2.1 in between
  3. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    According to some guys at MoDaCo, the Chinese Acer site has said that the A1 will get the official 2.1 update in July.
  4. Samt2992

    Samt2992 Member

    Cool Beans, is there anyway to have your phone not wipe with an updae? Cos ive just regained my levels on apps again after the last one, I dont wanna have to get them again..
  5. ferlinco

    ferlinco New Member

    i just check acer sg website, they had remove the pull down menu for android 2.1 -.-'' so update wont be coming so soon... >.<
  6. Samt2992

    Samt2992 Member

    Unless theyre bout to release it so theyre making the 2.1 part better? or something. I hope its like that anyway..
  7. acreda1234

    acreda1234 Member

    i have just bit the bullet yesterday and went to the LCR page (Acer liquid community rom) and just installed the leaked 2.1 update Acer_liquidE_1.100.05_EMEA_GEN1 with the usb drivers and flasher that they proveded, worked a treat and the only issue i have so far is that I get a force close when trying to set wall paper from the Nemo player.... that is it!!!

    Well worth it :)
  8. ferlinco

    ferlinco New Member

    ya same here.... now liquid become spare phone -.-'' had buy samsung galaxy s
  9. ferlinco

    ferlinco New Member

    July!!!!! count down :D

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