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  1. someone9

    someone9 New Member

    So I just got an Acer Liquid E a few days ago - on the Rogers Network here in Canada for $49.99, and to start with - I was very happy with the device; despite being an underclocked Snapdragon phone, everything is snappy and very responsive. Android 2.1 is also very good.

    But that's where my love-hate relationship with this device started. I have major issues with it's battery - now I know that smartphones have horrible battery life, but even by those standards this phone is terrible. Even if I turn the WiFi and GPS off, and kill all background applications constantly - it's impossible to get through a whole day on a single charge.

    Not only is the battery meek, but I have a recurring problem with this phone (happens 9 to 10 times a day) :

    Despite being fully charged, the battery indicator will suddenly jump to a '?' indication, and the phone freezes over. The only way out of this is to physically remove the battery, reinsert it and restart the phone. The phone then starts up and I get a full battery indication and everything is back to normal.This happens over and over again throughout the day and is making me go crazy.

    I'm wondering if there's any other Acer Liquid E owners who have the same problem? Or if anyone knows what the issue might be?

  2. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    sounds like you just got a lemon. And try uninstalling the task killer, they absolutely do more harm than good.
  3. TwiztedTD

    TwiztedTD Member

    Cant say i've had any of those problems. Agreed you may have a lemon.
  4. hinds2009

    hinds2009 Member

    I have that problem on my liquid e,it happens will have to reset to factory settings.I installed the google voice apk which does not come with the phone. I think the phones internal storage is not very good. when it comes to apk installs i dont think it handles it well.
  5. rafar

    rafar Member

    At first I thought what a bad battery these smarty-phones have
    Then I turned off wifi, bluetooth and set the network to 2G only (i dont have data plan anyways)
    now my phone lasts 2 days on single charge, which I think is pretty good
    since I use it a lot more then my old phone
  6. gwilo

    gwilo Well-Known Member

    I get about 3 days and the phone is showing 1/2 bat.

    I do spend about 40-50 minutes surfing and about 15-20 min of phone time per day.

    Not a heavy user but I do 'play' with the phone every night load apps and themes.
  7. hinds2009

    hinds2009 Member

    Ok so i got a replacement new out of the box liquid e and its working better. there is no freezing and i have re installed my apps using app backup. I also have the lookout app scanning my apps as they are installed. My only gripe now is that i am not able to install or find google voice search apk 2.1. I cant find it in the market and its not in my astro file manager anymore. Any Ideas??
  8. dynamicoverride

    dynamicoverride New Member

    I was wondering about getting a replacement battery for my Liquid E. Is it possible to get one through Rogers without a hassle? I bought my phone outright about a week ago.
  9. G0d___Like16

    G0d___Like16 Member

    is there any other ways to fix this rather than getting a new phone?
  10. As tempting as it is to play with your new toy as soon as you get it, RESIST THE URGE until you have fully charged it. If you don't initialize your battery, you may end up shortening it's life span. When you first get it, plug it in. When it says it's charged, pull the battery, pop it back in, and reboot. Check the battery level. You may be surprised to see that it's not at 100%! This isn't abnormal! A battery needs to be broken in! If it isn't, charge it again, remove battery, reboot again, and repeat this process until it is at 100%!

    Once your battery is properly initialized, hop on over to the Android Market and install JuiceDefender. They have a free version and a paid version. I'm just using the free one (for now) and it's working wonders for me! Among other things, it switches your phone from 3G to 2G when the screen is off. Great battery saver!!

    Switching off bluetooth/gps/wifi/etc is a great way to save battery life. Also, go into settings>accounts&sync and turn off auto-sync. Search for an app or widget in the market that will allow you convenient one-touch access to turn syncing on/off. My personal favorite is an app called "Extended Controls"... you can custom design widgets to control your bluetooth, gps, wifi, autosync, etc etc from your homescreen without having to dig into settings all the time. It's a buck or two... well worth the price, in my opinion!!

    I agree with NightAngel79... Drop the task killer! Badddd! If you're a brave soul, you may consider rooting your phone and getting rid of all the bloatware that is clogging up your internal memory. Cruise around the Modaco Forum and you'll find a lot of useful info about rooting and installing roms.

    I'm a noob to this sort of stuff, and I was pretty frightened at first but it's actually quite easy! I'm using Liquid Community ROM Froyo 1.0 and it's awesome! My battery life has increased dramatically! Plus it's Froyo :cool:

    Any questions?
  11. dierna

    dierna Well-Known Member

    I've had my Liquid E for three weeks now. For the first two weeks, battery life was really bad. I had to charge it around dinnertime, and I hardly got any calls. No apps running in the background, no task killer, nothing. I even turned off GPS, switched to 2G, and shut off data.

    Now, I've got everything turned on, and it lasts me from the time I unplug in the morning (usually around 8am) until I go to bed (around 11pm) with juice to spare. I'm rarely below 20%, unless I get busy with Angry Birds ;)

    ETA: I'm running eclair. I am not tech-savvy enough to mess with my phone, so I'm waiting for Froyo to be released from my provider.
  12. kimba30k

    kimba30k New Member

    I have the same problem with the "?" in the battery .. some days it happens when im not even using the phone, some days when i'm in the middle of surfing, or texting.. etc.. wednesday it happened 4 times in 15 mins. REAL PAIN... once you take off your skin, remove the cover, remover the battery, replace the battery, replace the cover, replace the skin, re-boot.. it seems to be fine... what is causing this ?? does anyone know ?? i use my task killer on a reg basis, so it'snot like the phone can't keep up... help....
  13. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    I only get the ? or ! when the phone is overheating (very hot). And only have overheating problems if my device is overclocked or I am playing a game for over an hour. If your phone gets hot often for no reason, might be a good idea to get a warranty replacement.
  14. ddmich

    ddmich New Member

    Ok, so love my liquid E... much handier than an Iphone in my opinion. But I do have some of the same issues as first post. ? on the battery... charge pull reboot... charge.. done that sorta thing so I do get a fair bit... but i turn off everything when I'm at home and only run on 2G... I do a few games here and there... I had the task killer and just removed it from the ones who posted to get rid of it... I totally agree! But if I let it sit on the screen for about 20 mins up comes the stupid ? thingy... and the touch screen doesn't work either... some days its ok and other days its not... I had my phone given to me blanked so there is no replacement unless it comes from factory? Seen a few bigger ones on Ebay but scared to put something factory doesn't supply... Any suggestions?
  15. ksmith

    ksmith New Member

    I bought the acer liquid e in July 2010 and experienced the same issues that you all have mentioned. When the phone would start to heat up or if the memory was lagging all the sudden I would get the question mark over top of a red battery and have to take out my battery to reset the phone. Then it would be fine. But of course, the charge never lasted. I couple months ago I finally called up Rogers to complain. I was running Android 2.1 and despite the application on the phone to check for system updates, it never informed me that Android 2.2 was available. Apparently, that's because it's quite an involved process that you need a 1GB memory card for.

    Anyway - once I upgraded to Android 2.2 it solved most of my problems. I never get the question mark on my battery anymore and I'm seeing MUCH better battery life. My phone still freezes randomly but it doesn't do the overheating and shutting down thing.

    In regard to not being able to find certain apps - there is a known issue where certain applications can't be accessed by unregistered phones. I guess developers can choose not to make their applications available to phones that don't have the serial number registered. It's not something that you can do, it's something that had to be done by the manufacturer. When I first got my phone I couldn't download the TD canada trust app, the paypal app, or anything financial actually. After a couple months I was finally able to access these apps so I assume there was a backlog in registration. My husband was able to access all of these apps right away, but he received his phone from the call centre whereas I received mine fresh from the store.

    Good luck all!
  16. Wallbanger69

    Wallbanger69 Member

  17. kurienjacob

    kurienjacob New Member

    I got a box pack ACER A1 a month or so back. A very good phone and a responsive touch screen but after around 15 days, it started shutting itself down randomly. Leave it alone for a couple of hours and then you have to take out the battery and restart. Their helpline asked me to factory reset it and not to install any apps. Done it a number of times but no use.
    Any suggestions? Please help. I am new to android and and am scared of rooting etc.
    liquid 2.1 update 1
    build Acer_LiquidE_1.100.41.AAP_GEN2
  18. amardeepsambhi

    amardeepsambhi New Member

    i have bought acer s100 few days back. have a few questions.

    1) can we send sms to group?
    2) should i opt for the user interface - Acer UI or Android UI?
    3) how do i improve the battery life?

  19. Shubzzz

    Shubzzz Member

    my acer liquid e ferrari edition keeps rebooting! If a call comes in, it reboots. If i try to make a call, it reboots. I have had it upgraded to the latest firmware version. yet it behaves erratically. anybody got any suggestions?
  20. ajdin534

    ajdin534 New Member

    when i start my acer it freezes at the bleu android letters and it keeps reapeting the song .
    and i got my phone yesterday .i used it like 5 hours and that happend.
    first thing i thought i have to load the phone .i loaded the phone the whole night but it didnt helped. please help some1.
  21. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Are you rooted?
  22. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Regardless of whether or not you are rooted, when the phone is off:
    1) Hold down Power+Volume Down+Camera
    2) Phone should vibrate 2-4 times
    3) Hold down Power+Camera
    4) Phone should boot into recovery (if unrooted, you will see a little Android robot with an ! down the middle)

    In recovery, try to do a factory reset (navigate using volume up/down buttons). This wipes all your data but to be honest, I don't think you have an option.
  23. redhot

    redhot New Member

    im havin same prob me!!!
    i luv my fone...
  24. lishah

    lishah New Member

    hi there i am trying to do the factory reset and i scolled to factory reset but i dont know what to do please help i am using acer ferari liquid
  25. michaelkenward

    michaelkenward Well-Known Member

    Better to start a new discussion than to tag onto the end of something on a completely different topic.

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