Acer Liquid flaws(?)

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  1. n1tro

    n1tro Active Member

    Anyone notice this on their Liquids?

    1. while texting (sms or email), app sometimes just minimizes or closes (?) and you jump back out to the desktop making you have to reopen what you are doing to conitinue typing?

    2. while surfing and pressing too close to the right side of screen, acer's task manager pops up letting you switch to other running apps?

    Is there some kind of hidden screen tap or area that I am mistakenly pressing to be causing these annoyances?? Checking the manual and searching the internet reviews nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Saymaen

    Saymaen Member

    Hmm, i didnt experienced anything like that so far.
  3. daft009

    daft009 Member

    nope, havent experienced any of those issues.
  4. n1tro

    n1tro Active Member

    I think I know what the problem is. Got my hands on another Acer Liquid and noticed something different right away....the 2nd Liquid I got has 5 desktops I can switch to while my original Liquid only had 3 destops in total. Looking at the verisons of the phone, this is what it says.

    original Liquid (buggy) - baseband A1-01.02.01 kernel 2.6.29 build 1.002.03_EMEA_GEN1

    new Liquid - baseband A1-01.01.01 kernel 2.6.29 build 1.001.05_AAP_CSL

    Even though both phones are made in the same month (Nov 09), it seems Acer is loading different system firmware on the phones!
  5. daft009

    daft009 Member

    "EMEA" ROM is European based
    "AAP" ROM is Asian based
  6. n1tro

    n1tro Active Member

    Well I loaded all the exact same apps and widgets I had on my original Euro model and going to see if I get the same weirdness. I wonder why such a difference for the 2 versions. The extra 2 desktops makes a big difference!
  7. n1tro

    n1tro Active Member

    Been using the asia version of the Liquid for a day now with all the same apps installed as in my old euro version. Most noticable is the better battery life. I have a currency and weather widget running and thought those were the culprits for my euro Liquid lasting for about 16hrs. Been going about 20hrs now and still at 60% battery life. :)
  8. Saymaen

    Saymaen Member

    Is there any hardware difference between these two versions, or is it just the software? I love my acer, but the battery life is turning me off a bit and i also experienced a few bugs so far.
  9. n1tro

    n1tro Active Member

    The hardware is the same. I think the euro version has a buggier OS loaded onto it. Lets hope Acer updates the Liquid (all regions) to the new Android 2.0 or 2.1. As for my asia rom Liquid, I'm loving the phone all over again!
  10. JackTheMan18

    JackTheMan18 Well-Known Member

  11. alishaneuron

    alishaneuron Member

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