Acer Liquid MT - Rooted Gingerbread 2.3.3

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    Nov 14, 2011
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    I am in Canada on the Rogers network and have an Acer Liquid MT. I have recently installed the 2.3.3 update (Acer_LiquidMT_3.016.00_AAP-GEN2.bin) and rooted it with SuperOneClick.

    A strange item happens when I disabled the Acer UI. After editing build.proc to disable Acer UI and rebooted, I noticed that the favourites links in the far right homescreen on the stock Android UI is gone. Sort of. If you scroll past the last screen, it will show you the extreme left side of the links box, so it's THERE, I just can't access it. I had an idea to re-enable Acer UI, reboot, and simply move it to the middle screen, so I could then move it back to where I wanted. No go... It won't allow me to move off that rightmost screen.

    Also, my stock text msging utility won't show a send button while the keyboard is up AND have the phone in the horizontal position.

    Any ideas for either of these?

    edit: Updated/Flashed to Gingerbread 2.3.6 (Acer_LiquidMT_4.000.13_EMEA-GEN1.bin) - No change.

    Another edit: Hmmm... And now I think I've deleted my live wallpaper app by mistake, so it won't display those. Good times! Back to the ol' flashing app!

    Another edit: I was able to get Wallpaper app back by re-flashing 2.3.3 and since the changelog to 2.3.6 wouldn't seem to solve any problems I'm having with mmy phone, I'll leave that one on it and just live with the other issues noted above. Worth it for Gingerbread =)

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