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acer s100 ferrari edition issueSupport

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  1. boskyjoe

    boskyjoe New Member


    I 2010 I got a acer s100 ferrari edition and now the phone is as good as a brick can't use it. Every time I try to use it the phone freezes and then reboots or just randomly reboots. I have taken the phone to different service centers but there is no use. I have also changed the battery.


  2. DashRipRock

    DashRipRock Member

    You might as well try to reload the ROM. I have been having good luck with the LiquidNext 1.9.2. Acer web page would also most likely have the software needed.
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  3. rajeshdabas10

    rajeshdabas10 New Member

    hi my acer liqid E Ferrari edition with product SKU EMEA_CF . can anybudy help me that how i can update my phone .device info version 2.1 .
  4. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hello rajeshdabas10. Welcome to Android Forums. I'm hoping one of our knowledgeable members will have some information for you. If we don't get any help in a day or two, I will move your post to a more active area.
    Best of luck to you.

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