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  1. imcomininhot

    imcomininhot Member

    I've seen this before - I know what it must be from.
    In the past I've given up my outdated android devices up to my children that seem to load it with every game they can possibly can until they do the inevitable and download an infectious app that freezes it up, making it non functional.
    It appears that the karnal is no longer working, so whatever they loaded up, it disabled any screen function, slide to unlock feature.
    My question, is there anyway that I can do something to fix what went wrong by reloading the rom?
    Perhaps there's a way for me to hard reset - perhaps that would help.
    (Then again, this same thing happened to my evo I gave to them and it ceases to function, even after a hard reset, whiped clean, so whatever it is on my evo, must be on the rom cuz hard reset did nothing to fix it)
    What say you?

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

  3. imcomininhot

    imcomininhot Member

    Ya, I've tried to access the root directory through holding the power button & volume up, volume down and both to no avail - it doesn't access it on the acer... Seems to be a different process.
    There is a reset button, accessed with a fine point like a thumb tack. But that's only a soft reset. Perhaps I could access a hard reset feature with that button also... I'll do some research.
    My problem is just trying to stay under the radar because the device was granted to me by a friend and I'd rather not tell them of the faulty occurrence when I need to ask them what model it is :/
    Anyway, thanks for the reference. I'll read that forum too
  4. imcomininhot

    imcomininhot Member

    ... No luck there either.
    Is there a way to wipe & reload the rom via USB?

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