Acer_LiquidE_1.100.28_EMEA_CUS6 need updateSupport

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  1. aexeae

    aexeae New Member

    Hi ALL .... pleas any 1 can help me i wanna update my phone or i need app can make me install app and games on memory card ... this is my phone data .. and thanks 4 ALL

    model : Liquid

    Firmware version : 2.1 - update1

    Baseband virsion : A1-04-04-05

    Kernel virsion : 2.6.29

    Build number : Acer_LiquidE_1.100.28_EMEA_CUS6

    Device Info

    Acer APN virsion : 1.109.1

    Product SKU : EMEA_CUS6

    Divice Info Virsion : 2.1

    Manufacturer : Acer

    Modei ID : LiquidE

    CPU Vendor : Qualcomm

    CPU Speed : 768

    CPU Virsion : 8250

    Rom Size : 512

    Ram Size : 256

    H Pixels : 480

    V pixels : 800

    thank you for help

  2. aexeae

    aexeae New Member

    omg over 250 view and no 1 can help ???
  3. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the late response.

    Upgrade to FroYo and use their apps2sd (only works for certain apps) OR install a custom ROM which has apps to SD (usually requires an EXT partition on your SD card which you have to make).

    To upgrade to Froyo, find a Froyo bin for Acer Liquid 256 MB (your RAM amount)- Acer Liquid and Liquid E ALL ROMs bin extract collection - Android @ MoDaCo (2.2 bins are on the bottom) and follow these instructions under Firmware Upgrades (the second part)-

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