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  1. jwhite4304

    jwhite4304 Active Member

    Just downloaded aContacts from Android Marketplace and this is the application that I have been looking for as I convert from Blackberry to Eris. Lots of features for phone use -
    Show Favorites or All
    Sort by ABC
    Sort by Groups (Companies)
    Call Log
    T9 Speed dial

    Take a look and the best part - free.


  2. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Well-Known Member

    I haven't played with contacts THAT much, but most of these things can be done by the native app, I think. Certainly favorites, groups, call log T9 speed dial and search are all possible.
  3. jwhite4304

    jwhite4304 Active Member

    I agree but aContacts seems to do it faster and in the manner that I have grown accustomed to. The big winner is the search feature within contacts.
  4. spinz78

    spinz78 Member

    Hi, I upgraded to 2.1 on X10 mini yesterday and the main problem I noticed is that the application 'acontacts' don't work properly anymore. I cannot see the contacts in that application whereas the dialing function and recent call list works fine in it. Anybody else having same problem or how to cure it.

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