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  1. lilsaphyre

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    May 20, 2010
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    I was hoping someone could point me to a site that can explain to me all of the goods about rooting so I can understand exactly what I'm doing when I do root. I know I will be rooting soon and I'd appreciate if someone can help me.

    I have never used Linux so superuser is all new to me. I understand that that's like admin on windows or so they say but terms about flashing, roms, recovery I only vaguely understand. I just want to be educated fully so as not to go in blind.

  2. woop

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    Feb 7, 2010
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    Moving this to the main root subforum. This subforum is for ROMs/ROM-related topics.
  3. xgphacks123

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    Jul 5, 2010
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    When i got root on my first android phone back in the day (which was a wednesday, by tje way), ibarely knew what root was. I highly reccomend following the ten min root video. That is what helped me. If you have any more questions about root, feel free to pm me whenever.

    Ps- all you have to do in adb in copy and paste commands from the commands.txt from 10 min root. The hardest part is actually getting adb in recovery. I ised the method wjere you push and pull the sd card (i used my friends moto droid sd card, but thereare a bunch that will work like pny 2gb, kingston 4gb and so on). I pushed amd pulled my sd until the screen flickered , insereed it right before the black ! Screen came on, pushed and pulled until computer chimed (to notify me that the phone was mounted). Its all about timimg

    Ps sry for typos

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