[ACS][ROM/THEME]Admiral Beast V.01

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  1. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    We at Android Creative Syndicate would like to bless the Samsung Admire users with the very first rom for your device. This is just the beginning and much more is to come.

    Read Carefully
    We at ACSyndicate are, in no way shape or form responsible for bricking your device. You're flashing this product at your own will. If you point your finger and try to blame us we will laph and enjoy are beer.

    Windows only
    Must be rooted running 2.3.4
    Must have adb installed.

    1) Download Rom
    2) Unzip the Rom
    3) Enable USB debugging
    4) Double Click run.bat
    5) Follow on screen instructions


    Change Log:
    Initial Release - V.01

    Rom/Theme Flasher - Shabbypenguin
    Themed, Zipalighned, Png Optimized Framework-res.apk, Systemui.apk, Swype.apk
    Added new ringtone
    Added new notification tone
    Force home app to ram
    Data/network tweaks
    Changed call ring delay
    Enabled Stagefright media
    Lowered dalvik vm heapsize
    Disable ad debug icon in notifiaction bar
    Changed wifi scan interval ( less scans better battery )
    Other battery enhancement tweaks
    Tweaked UI

    If we've used something of yours or you've contributed in any way and we've not added your name above, we apologize! Please send flyers2114 or rjmjr69 a PM and we'll get you added as soon as possible.


    Admiral Beast and any other ACS productions are not, and will never be donation ware. However, we have put many hours into the development of Admiral Beast, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Your generosity - if you feel like showing it - is deeply appreciated.


  2. naykwik13

    naykwik13 Active Member

    Hell yeah donating on my next check. 10 bucks guaranteed.
  3. flakito97

    flakito97 Well-Known Member

    Flashing NOW!!!!!!!!

    edit: wow definantly some noticeable speed improvements... overscroll is awesome too ! haha
    thanks bud!
  4. doctor_doctor

    doctor_doctor Well-Known Member

    Why times new roman?
  5. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    Your welcome
  6. you can change font with font installer

    what a nice surprise..downloading now..cant wait to try it. thanks for all your hard work!
    is anyone working on a cyanogenmod rom as well?
  7. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    Cause I knew it was gonna bug you lol.

    To me its easier on the eyes n to read then the stock android font. If you don't like it there is a handful of apps on the market that can change the font for you.

    I build my roms n themes around my needs n wants then share my work with the end user. If there is anything particular u don't like or would like to see in my work I'm always accepting of any ones ideas/criticism
  8. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    Last I knew unforgivin was. Personally I'm not a fan of cynagon on a phone that's already aosp. I can add all the same features without the extra code for other devices that cynagon has in its builds. Cynagon is great for phones that have a manufacturers skin like touchwiz, sense, motiblur, ect... Cynagon is also good adding the next version of android. In r case that would be ICS. To me its stupid to build a GB Cynagon when where already running aosp GB.
  9. you working on other apks at th emoment? was curious if you looked at the mms and if that got improved..
  10. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    Eventually I'll have every apk modded
  11. ahh gotcha..makes sense
  12. ahh gotcha..makes sense..tryin to download now, but im tethering from my phone and its laggy as hell
  13. do i need to have adb installed on the phone? is this the app thats included in the folder you uploaded? thanks again
  14. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    nice work there, just one question, how can you return to stock, like with the green icons and all just in case if the phone needed to be ruturn for a new one if it got broken or if it just malfunction?:D
  15. quozzerx

    quozzerx Active Member

    So does this work with rooted 2.3.6?
  16. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    dont think so, you need to get cwm install once it is finish and flash the stock rom once that is finish being made.
  17. overscroll?
  18. AndroidPhil83

    AndroidPhil83 Active Member

    Wow. First I would like to thank you for your work. Also, I'm curious about overclocking the CPU? Is that possible in the future?
  19. al57king

    al57king Member

    I have been trying the link for the last 1/2 hour with no luck. I believe your link is down
  20. epinez

    epinez Member

    Can't wait to try it out. It appears that your link is not working, however.

    Thanks for all your work!
  21. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    might be due to high traffic. :confused:
  22. aihliift@

    aihliift@ Well-Known Member

    yea link is dead in my end as well.
    im dieing to use this, btw appreciate the hard work put in this rom !
  23. marcos.lennis

    marcos.lennis Well-Known Member

    The Rom is only 5MB? Maybe I'm missing something here.

    AOSP roms are larger than that. At least 70 MB. Maybe im wrong.
  24. EricJoneckis

    EricJoneckis Well-Known Member

    Is this a wipe rom? That is to say, will it delete everything on my phone? Really want to flash but I am a bit too lazy to backup everything.

    Edit: that was probably a stupid question, since he said you had to have afb installed and why would you install something to wipe it
  25. marcos.lennis

    marcos.lennis Well-Known Member

    Can someone upload the file here?

    Im at work and dont have access to the download sites. Thanks.
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